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Gemstones, Technology …Beauty, Sparkle & Color

Just as technology and scientific advances have changed every aspect of our daily lives, it has also altered what type of  jewelry and gemstones are  available to us.   Fine jewelry enhances how we look and feel and it all begins with the allure of gemstones.  While rarity is a component of the pricing of gemstones, the allure or love of gemstones is primarily about their Beauty, Sparkle and Color …created by Mother Nature. Technology, however, is altering the supply and color of gemstones, in addition to maybe altering our definition of a “Gemstone”.

Gemstones & Beauty

Gemstones/rocks too soft to be cut or faceted into gemstones (in the not so distant past) are now heavily marketed and popular with many women.  For example: Precious Gemstones (i.e. Diamonds, Sapphires & Rubies) are still treasured, but the category of  Semi-Precious gemstones has expanded to include stones like “Drusy” (a type of quartz that to me,  sounds like one of Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs) and “Chrome Diopside” (Doesn’t that sound like a dangerous chemical?).  So, there are many beautiful gemstones, not as durable and not as sparkling as a Diamond, for example,…but it terms of beauty, well beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.  Still, only a Diamond is beautiful, rare and durable  enough to last Forever.  You know that a Diamond is the hardest gemstone, right?  In contrast, opals though beautiful, are one of the softest gemstones and should not be worn everyday or too often. It is the advancements in cutting technologies that has enabled manufacturers to cut & polish giant opal gemstones; but, the larger they are, the more fragile they be careful!

Gemstones & Sparkle

sparkling-diamond When it comes to sparkle, despite technology, a Diamond still provides the best sparkle and brilliance a gemstone can offer, Some women fall victim to marketers that promote gemstones that are cut “like” a Diamond, or sparkle “like” a Diamond…but no gemstone has the optical properties of a Diamond. That is why sellers compare every other gemstone to a Diamond with the words “like/as”.  Caution, the fact is:  no other gemstone, regardless of the cutter or  technologies used to facet the stone, compares….no gemstone comes even close to a Diamond’s Brilliance, Fire, Scintillation or Sparkle. I’m just sayin’ (Diamonds are the ultimate gemstone…) but, you know I love ALL fine quality jewelry!

Gemstones & Color   fancy-color-diamonds-681961

Gemstones that are  enhanced for improved color were once never considered or offered by a fine jeweler…but thanks to gemological advances, many enhancements are now permanent. Today, approximately 90% of natural color gemstones are enhanced and I do believe that a natural enhanced color gemstones is a preferred purchase (and value) versus any simulant, synthetic or doublet gemstone. BTW a doublet/triplet is a gemstone created from layers: a desirable gemstone slice is glued or fused on top of a less desirable gemstone or other material to make it more colorful, as well as more durable and affordable. The time when  Diamonds were available only to royalty are long gone, but natural Fancy Color Diamonds remain out of reach to most, other than to the most elite affluent and well-healed collectors. Well, thanks to gemological advances, the COLORS OF DIAMONDS are available to all of us!  Remember, a Color Diamond that is available on the market from a reputable jeweler/retailer is a Genuine Diamond (born from the earth) that is then enhanced for color.  For example:  a natural Green Diamond occurs from being near natural radiation during the formation of the diamond deep beneath the earth. Gemologial advancements now make it possible for specialized manufacturers to safely irradiate select genuine diamonds to make Green Diamonds.  Natural Pink Diamonds, however are formed during a slippage of the lattice work during formation.  Gemological Advances have not yet been able to affordably create these natural wonders…but it will soon, I’m sure.

Oh, The Colors of Diamonds color Diamond bands

While I was a consultant that supported the DeBeers Group for ten years, I may have unknowingly been color-deprived 😉 Once I discovered the magic and mystery of Diamonds, combined with the Colors of Diamonds, I was seduced and I may be in-love forever! Oh, The Colors of Diamonds! I am proud to announce that I as the official the RESIDENT DIAMOND EXPERT FOR HSN/Home Shopping Channel (just one of my prestigious clients in the fine jewelry industry), I plan to ensure that there are lots of beautiful fine jewelry available for all, with the many Colors of Diamonds ! CLICK HERE TO FIND SOME RARE BEAUTIES!

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  • comment_avatar

    Marc Knobloch


    Once again, Diane crafts an article that clearly educates and explains important information in a way that everyone, from the seasoned expert to the layperson, can appreciate! She is truly the “diamond” amongst the gemstones of writers in gemology and jewelry!


    • comment_avatar

      Diane Warga-Arias


      Wow…you are oh so kind; it is an honor to support and know gems like you in our industry!


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