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Color Me Autumn


The Colors of Diamonds are the Colors of Life…. and now is the time to Color me Autumn!


Whe Autumn leaves start to fall…. I  refuse to fall into the sweet-melancholy lyrics of Sinatra; instead, I focus on the colorful life surrounding me.  Burnt orange, copper brown, metallic golds and the shades of champagne…. all  inspire me to reach for Natural Champagne Diamonds. On this day, my “First Reach” was a diamond pendant with a  Champagne Diamond Cluster encircled with two swirling and entwined halos of white diamonds.  pendant  

And just like that, it was time for Picnic Planning…

picnic-basket-better deleciaous-orchids

Delicious Orchards is in Colts Neck, NJ                 

                            …the perfect place for picnic shopping!

img_1643 My Perfect Autumn Shopping Bag!


 Pick-up some Apples & Apple Cider Donuts (if you are in NJ) and also pick something from my favorite Colors Of Diamonds (no matter where you are) ….just click on .  

I love my CROSS RING  that reminds me to celebrate my life of love , while also reminding me to have faith in the future. It’s a by-pass ring (on trend) that has one cross encrusted with Champagne Diamonds and a second cross sparkling with Blue Diamonds.  


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    Gail hayes


    Very beautilful! I love the colors of the fall. The rings are gorgeous! You have very youthful hand tovgovwith that youthful look. Happy fall


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