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NYC Splish, Splash & Sparkle

  walk fountain One of the best things about being in the city this summer is the opportunity for a fun schedule ….of  work and outdoor play before lunch time.  Since I am usually dressed in a suit for work, any playful Splish, Splash & Sparkle usually takes place near the fountains at Rock Center.


Presenting at Cornell Presenting at Cornell Three            
Today,  I started early with a workshop presentation at the Cornell Club….for a group of great Jewelry Manufactures. Then,  I was ready for a walk to the nearby Rock Center.


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Sparkling Steps to Beat the Heat

Here are my three favorite Sparkling Steps to Beat the Heat:

2016-03-12 13.03.00-2 Ocean

#1 Test the Waters

You can take your mind off of the temperature and thermostat by a quick escape to a pool or the ocean. I always feel cooler near the water…with blue diamonds touching my skin 2016-03-12 12.52.16 chest

bolo clasp The Blue Diamond Cross resting close to my heart and the diamond bracelet on my wrist are  just two  examples of Genuine Blue Diamond Jewelry  available at ….just search COLORS OF DIAMONDS. Note: the bracelet has a beautiful & adjustable bolo clasp, which let’s you customize the fit per your mood or temperature !

#2 Take a Drive & Stay Hydrated

IMG_8737 Cup in Jag

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Time to Bid Farewell

Sparkling Signs of Life

Yellow walking Maybe It is time to bid farewell and try to shake-away from the doldrums that are often caused by a winter season filled with months of early morning chills, frost, ice storms,  power-outages  and personal or family challenges.   Now is the time to enjoy the sunshine, clean out our closets and feed our soul by focusing on all the Sparkling Signs of Life … the Sparkling Signs of Spring!

Spring Equinox

Each year, in late March or April, the first signs of winter’s departure …

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Vegas Sparkle and Substance

Money   If I say “Sparkle” and “Vegas” in the same sentence, no one is surprised….but if  I use the word “substance”, well let’s just say that it’s rare to hear (or see in print) that word  anywhere near a mention of the City of Lights or Sin City.  Nevertheless, my ten days at the largest shopping event for the jewelry industry…. were all about Vegas Sparkle AND Substance!

Keynote Sparkle

I was  honored to kick-off the sparkle-marathon  with the Keynote for the jewelry show, LUXURY by JCK. During the first three days of Vegas Jewelry Week, the LUXURY SHOW is an invitation-only show for Luxury Retailers.  My keynote presentation on day-one was definitely Sparkling, because I was wearing an amazing Diamond necklace that is valued more than …

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Perfect Sparkle, Not-so-Perfect Snack

AC Pretzel 1   When I’m in NYC, I  always stop at the Time Warner Center! Inside there is a giant Whole Foods Market, which is a great stop before visiting friends (I love their flowers and food-to-go bars). There are also great restaurants and the Bouchon Bakery & Café is perfect for lunch.  Ok, I know there is also  great shopping, but you already know from a previous blog post, that I love great food- even early in the day!  (BTW: My inspirations for NY eats is the blog: ) Notwithstanding all of the temptations inside Time Warner , I opted  for the ubiquitous NY Street Snack: “A Giant Salty Pretzel”. There is nothing like a warm NY Pretzel from a street cart!   IMG_3247A1 IMG_3275A                  


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Sparkling in Central Park

AC Twirl 1 Winter is almost over and the sun is shining, so it seems the perfect time for Sparkling in Central Park! My New York friends were seriously declaring this week a  heat-wave (NOTE:  temperatures were in the 40’s and 50’s)!  So, if everyone was day-dreaming of Spring, I refused to put on my basic black coat, which is the NY standard winter fashion. Instead, winter white seemed right. What a surprise to see how right I was…when I saw how much snow was still in the park! As for my Sparkle, GUMUCHIAN “Cloud Nine Collection” was the perfect choice! THE BEST   FIRST EARRINGS  
18K Gold,  1.5 CARATS of DIAMONDS &  More than 14 CARATS of Yellow Sapphires!

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Warming-up with Pantone

Fireplace 1 “Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth”…says Leatrice Eisman, Executive Director, Pantone Color decollete 1 Institute.  Sitting by the fire,  my decollete is graced with a red diamond cross  (that is warmed with black rhodium) & it is a perfect match for Pantone’s Color of the Year …and me! The cross is available via HSN 025ct-red-diamond-sterling-silver-cross-pendant-d-20141017161458953~359756                    


There are so many seductive  gemstones that sparkle-up Pantone’s Color of the Year, MARSALA….

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Counting My Blessings

Jan1Photos 003 January 1, 2015  is the  time (like every January 1st) to Relax and Restore.  It is also a time that most people finalize new years resolutions and plan (or at least think about) the coming year.  For me, the first step to planning the new year is to take significant pause

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Big Easy Holiday

NOLAPhoDec26 040 MONEY 1 After my successful marathon of LIVE December Shows on HSN, I was ready for a BIG celebration that was EASY on me.  New Orleans is THE choice for a BIG EASY Holiday!   From local antique shopping to listening to incredible street musicians,  the pedestrian-only section of Royal Street is a great place to stroll.

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