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Christmas Sparkle


‘Tis the Season for JOY & LOVE

‘Tis the Season for SHARING & GIVING



DWA-125 Gifts given at Christmas (or during The Festival of Lights), should be worthy of this magical holiday season! This means your gift should keep your loving celebrations remembered and enjoyed for years and years. This is NOT the time for fast food, fast fashion or money wasted on gifts with no meaning or value. It’s the time to add some Christmas Sparkle to our Life (and others’) with gifts of lasting value and real meaning, magic and mystery.      


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DWA-001-HSN Sutdio

Lights, Camera, SPARKLE

DWA-001-HSN Sutdio “Lights, Camera, Action” is what the signs says at the entrance of the HSN Studios; but, Lights, Camera, SPARKLE is my call to action, as the HSN on-air Diamond Expert.  I arrived early to tape a commercial about a HOLIDAY DIAMOND OPPORTUNITY that I will announce shortly.  Here is a behind the scenes peak….





Camera Ready is a process …                                                                                                                                                               and the HSN Studio Team of Professionals ensures I am Camera Perfect.

DWA-041 Camera Prep


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Blogging in the Rain

mandarin oriental-74 Ben Rain or Shine, I am always excited to attend a jewelry preview (i.e. a sneak peak for industry insiders).  So, with little notice (actually less than an hour, NO Notice, LOL)   I hopped over to a dedicated suite at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Not alone; with me is my industry friend, Benjamin Guttery (a self-proclaimed jewelry-nerd), who is an Insta-Blogger …full-time (lucky guy)!  You need to check out his jewelry photography at “Third Coast Gems“. As to the Sparkle at the Mandarin Oriental, the attending designers’ jewelry will be available (shortly) in fines stores for your holiday shopping; but,  I  have some Sparkle to share with you NOW!    So, BLOGGIN IN THE RAIN it is!  Get ready for some great SPARKLE with my damp hat-hair, LOL!
mandarin oriental-5 Pearls on my (Chanel) Sunglasses,
Pearls on my Toes (aka Stuart Weisman Sneakers),
I like wearing Pearls wherever I go…


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Here Comes The Sun


For the first time in 99 years, the moon cast a 70-mile wide shadow (i.e. a total solar eclipse) on Monday, August 21st…across the US.   From west to east, hotels were booked and parties ensued along the path of “totality”.  Everywhere else, people took to parks, parking lots and rooftops to witness the partial eclipse.  If you were at Lincoln Center in NYC, you could witness a 71% eclipse …maybe while humming the iconic tune of Cat Stevens:  Moon Shadow.  I returned to Lincoln Center soon after the crowds were gone.


WYS Jewelry “STARZ” . . .

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Happy Birthday Central Park


Central Park is 164 years old on July 21st!

Founded in the 1800’s and declared an historical landmark in 1962, it is most visited urban park in the US.  Throughout the year, during every season, it is an oasis for more than 40 million tourists and locals (like me) .  So, what better way to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY CENTRAL PARK,

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Oh, Couture

Couture EntranceIMG_7119 COUTURE  is the most exclusive jewelry show, which runs annually and concurrently with nine other major jewelry shows (end of May thru early June)….in Las Vegas.  JCK Vegas is THE LARGEST SHOW, but …Oh, Couture!  COUTURE caters to the most prestigious jewelry retailers and offers a luxurious destination (no convention center for Couture, LOL) at the Wynn resort.  Here is where elite jewelry retailers gather to connect with their colleagues and conduct business with award winning jewelry designers and renowned international brands. It is also a rare opportunity to explore a Couture-curated collection of talented and emerging artists.

The show is not open to the public…

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Casino TwoIMG_7735

Wynn-ing in Vegas

Casino TwoIMG_7735 I am Wynn-ing in Vegas ….and I am not gambling (yet)!  I am here for more than a week (each year in late May thru early June), because the Jewelry Industry arrives in Las Vegas for the biggest and best Jewelry Shows! My favorite casino (I mean resort)  is Wynn Las Vegas, which hosts the most prestigious jewelry show: COUTURE!   The COUTURE Jewelry Show, begins the Vegas Marathon by invitation only and I am so honored to attend!  I will soon share some of the Couture Sparkle in my next blog; but right now, I am WYNN-ing in VEGAS!

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May Getaway

SpringLakeIMG_6661 Memorial Day weekend is just a couple weeks away, but very few people think to go to the beaches in mid-may. So, now is the time for a May Getaway at one of my favorite spots on the Jersey Shore.  It’s true, if you’re wondering, I’m a Jersey Girl, LOL.  And YES…I wear diamond jewelry on the beach and a very cool necklace is on my beach hat (stay tuned) …..

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Rare & Remarkable Window

April Showers of Diamonds

Rare & Remarkable Window April Showers of Diamonds means it’s time for the RARE & REMARKABLE! Everyone knows that April Showers bring May Flowers. In NY, there is no need to wait for the month of May; the Macy’s Flower Show and the Botanical Garden’s Orchid Show are both open NOW! Of course, all of the Remarkable colors of flowers means it’s perfect time for the RARE & REMARKABLE Colors of Diamonds!   The Colors of Diamond Jewelry I am wearing… will be featured during my April Shows on HSN. IMG_2593 horse The Carnival theme of this year’s Macy’s Flower Show

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Rocky Mountain Time

2 IMG_4587

Time for me to BREATHE …

It’s Rocky Mountain Time for me!  Next month, I am busy with lot’s of live HSN shows, which means now is the time for me to re-charge and BREATHE DEEP!  Where better to breathe deep, than in the mountains?   So, Rocky Mountain Time is the perfect time (and place)  for a long-weekend vacation!  Ahhh – it is so breathtaking.  I am oh, so happy that my body seems unaware of the change of altitude. It is the natural beauty and fresh air that makes me want to breathe deep. I was also pleasantly surprised that both Denver and Breckenridge are much warmer (this week) than the freezing NYC!  Exploring the snow-covered mountains balanced with the warmer temps and the onset of  SPRING…well , Pink seemed to be the right color!

Breathing in the  PINK

3 IMG_4474 Natural Pink Diamond Ring in DENVER First, my Pink Coat…Check! While I never take off my 1 carat black diamond tennis/line bracelet, it was also the perfect time (again) to wear my HSN Natural PINK Diamond Ring with a setting that is solid 14K Rose Gold.   4 IMG_4533 3 IMG_4474 1 IMG_4612            


Pink Doughnut DENVER Yes, there were Pink Doughnut Rings involved, LOL! I was on vacation, so YES, I ate one…not to mention all the icing that was on my fingers (accidentally, of course)! Doughnut Ring Denver IMG_4659 Doughnuts IMG_4654  

Bling Box 1

As I head back to NYC…Sparkling

Last Bling Box I am thinking, planning and dreaming of the APRIL SHOWERS OF DIAMONDS that I have planned Beginning APRIL 1st  from 3:00pm to 5:00om (eastern standard time) on HSN!

p11763995_b_v5_aa I am also really excited about APRIL 24th, when I appear with Adam Freeman on his Monday Night Show!  We have something amazing planned for you! XXOX   Then, of course there is my  SPECIAL SECRET PLANNED for APRIL 26th! Last almost       Check the EVENTS Page of this site for a complete list of my April show dates and times.  See you soon!

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