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Rare & Remarkable Window

April Showers of Diamonds

Rare & Remarkable Window April Showers of Diamonds means it’s time for the RARE & REMARKABLE! Everyone knows that April Showers bring May Flowers. In NY, there is no need to wait for the month of May; the Macy’s Flower Show and the Botanical Garden’s Orchid Show are both open NOW! Of course, all of the Remarkable colors of flowers means it’s perfect time for the RARE & REMARKABLE Colors of Diamonds!   The Colors of Diamond Jewelry I am wearing… will be featured during my April Shows on HSN. IMG_2593 horse The Carnival theme of this year’s Macy’s Flower Show

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Rocky Mountain Time

2 IMG_4587

Time for me to BREATHE …

It’s Rocky Mountain Time for me!  Next month, I am busy with lot’s of live HSN shows, which means now is the time for me to re-charge and BREATHE DEEP!  Where better to breathe deep, than in the mountains?   So, Rocky Mountain Time is the perfect time (and place)  for a long-weekend vacation!  Ahhh – it is so breathtaking.  I am oh, so happy that my body seems unaware of the change of altitude. It is the natural beauty and fresh air that makes me want to breathe deep. I was also pleasantly surprised that both Denver and Breckenridge are much warmer (this week) than the freezing NYC!  Exploring the snow-covered mountains balanced with the warmer temps and the onset of  SPRING…well , Pink seemed to be the right color!

Breathing in the  PINK

3 IMG_4474 Natural Pink Diamond Ring in DENVER First, my Pink Coat…Check! While I never take off my 1 carat black diamond tennis/line bracelet, it was also the perfect time (again) to wear my HSN Natural PINK Diamond Ring with a setting that is solid 14K Rose Gold.   4 IMG_4533 3 IMG_4474 1 IMG_4612            


Pink Doughnut DENVER Yes, there were Pink Doughnut Rings involved, LOL! I was on vacation, so YES, I ate one…not to mention all the icing that was on my fingers (accidentally, of course)! Doughnut Ring Denver IMG_4659 Doughnuts IMG_4654  

Bling Box 1

As I head back to NYC…Sparkling

Last Bling Box I am thinking, planning and dreaming of the APRIL SHOWERS OF DIAMONDS that I have planned Beginning APRIL 1st  from 3:00pm to 5:00om (eastern standard time) on HSN!

p11763995_b_v5_aa I am also really excited about APRIL 24th, when I appear with Adam Freeman on his Monday Night Show!  We have something amazing planned for you! XXOX   Then, of course there is my  SPECIAL SECRET PLANNED for APRIL 26th! Last almost       Check the EVENTS Page of this site for a complete list of my April show dates and times.  See you soon!

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love 1A crop February is the one month that everyone thinks about Love. OK, mostly women think about it;  and we start thinking about it at a very young age, LOL.   Surely, I am not the only woman who remembers being a little girl who carefully signed a large pile of Valentine’s Day cards ….and then carefully carried them to school for the boys and girls in my class.   Today, I love that Galentine’s Day has become almost a big as Valentine’s Day!  Sidebar for those that may not know about it: Galentine’s Day is the day (February 13th) for girlfriends, aka, “Gals”… to get together (without boyfriends, husbands etc.) to celebrate our loving bonds and the power of girlfriends!  Whether you celebrate Galentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day or both , let the celebrations begin! It’s February and LOVE IS IN THE AIR !

Some Say it with Flowers

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Diamonds Are Called “Ice”

sitting Throughout pop culture, including several “007” movies, Diamonds are called “Ice”. Notwithstanding  the popularity of using “Ice” to describe a Diamond, if  you touch a Diamond to your lips, it will feel ice cold, because (counterintuitive, as it sounds) the diamond conducts heat away from us.  So, for lots of reasons, I simply could not resist a visit to the famous and original IceHotel in Kiruna, Sweden …wearing Diamonds, of course!   

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‘Tis the Season & Now is the Time

christmas ‘Tis the season to count our blessings and celebrate our love …and loved ones.

Right this moment,  (as I click on  “post”)  there are six days before Christmas Eve and there are an additional eight more days before New Year’s Day.  People are still shopping and lots of money will be spent with the hopes of generating a smile, a giggle, a surprise….or a moment of joy.   I believe we should invest our hard earned money into items with lasting value, so the joy and sparkle last beyond the moment.  I believe jewelry gifts should hold meaningful sparkle for as long as we can hold our memories dear. We all  know that Diamonds are the most meaningful of gemstones, the most iconic symbol of love, the most recognized and coveted fashion gemstone and the hardest natural substance on earth.  Quality Diamond Jewelry is NOT fast-fashion with fleeting sparkle ….
Real Diamond Jewelry lasts “Forever” to  hold our life’s stories for generations.

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Icelandic Fire, Ice & Waterfalls

yes For me, every day in Iceland is a mix of adrenaline rushes, fear, tears, love, wonder, astonishment and laughter! Of course, I start each morning, by putting on sparkling diamond jewelry. When things get tough, I think putting on Diamonds first, makes the next step easier.  The Icelandic Fire, Ice & Waterfalls are all part of my colorful adventure that I will carry with me forever…just like the diamonds I will wear again and again. iceland-waterfall  


The capital of Iceland, Reykjavik is the natural place to start….

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3 Steps for an Easy Autumn Picnic or Pique-Nique

spread Whether you call it a Picnic or Pique-Nique, Autumn is the perfect time for an outing…or to be specific to the translation of the French: an outing with food! (BTW: Since 1991, “Pique-Nique” no longer requires a hyphen per the approval of the Académie Francoise.) Regardless, here are my 3 Steps for an easy, breezy Autumn Picnic or Pique-Nique:

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