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I love the Christmas Season, but it is so refreshing to find a city that does not rush Christmas décor before Thanksgiving (which is my favorite holiday, for sure) …and Scottsdale is THE  find, because they are still celebrating Fall in November!  Here, I am Falling for the Arts at The Calvin Charles Gallery. This gallery is Scottsdale’s premier contemporary art gallery and the most beautiful custom building in the Scottsdale Art District. When I crossed the gallery’s threshold, I was immediately captivated by the PASCAL exhibit.  The artist, Pascal Pierme  is a sculptor who works with precious woods. The way he describes working with the natural organic woods…is reminiscent of my personal conversations with Master Diamond Cutter, Sir Gabriel S. Tolkowsky. “Gabi”, as he is known to his closest friends, cut many of the world’s most famous diamonds and I was privileged to accompany him on his US tours for two consecutive years.  I learned that organic treasures (e.g.  natural diamonds and precious woods) participate

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Sparkling in Scottsdale

featherscouch3FOOTCROP Crossing the threshold of Feathers Fine Custom Furnishings in Scottsdale, I immediately felt as if I entered a life-size jewelry box….a jewelry box that encompasses over 20,000 square feet! The showroom features dozens and dozens of living vignettes that showcase upholstered seating, bespoke window coverings, handcrafted casegoods and much more. So, why would I choose a custom furnishings venue in Arizona (I hear you asking)? Well, first let me say that I felt like I belonged in a jewelry box, after I was adorned with magnificent jewels from MOLINA FINE JEWELERS.  Indeed, I was Sparkling in Scottsdale!

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Cooking-up Sparkle Scottsdale, AZ

cooking-up  I think it is common knowledge that Romance, Diamonds AND Food go together!  Famous love stories and memorable wedding proposals seem to always include romantic fires being kindled over dinners.  Also, REAL WOMEN EAT… and great food sparkles my spirit, as well as fuels my travels.  Searching for the next great chef, however, is better left to food critics and food bloggers.  As for me:  “I’m a woman of simple tastes; I’m always satisfied with the best“.   Yes, I am paraphrasing from the over-quoted Oscar Wilde (he said “man” instead of “woman”), but true it is!  I am fortunate to have experienced the signature plates of great luminaries like Joel Robuchon, Thomas Keller, Danielle Boulud, Alain Ducasse and Jose Andres.  Oh, the luminary luxuries of fine dining experiences!  So, my Scottsdale travel itinerary included a beautiful afternoon with the Italian cuisine of  the Award Winning Italian Chef Marcellino Version at MARCELLINO RISTORANTE.  For foodies, I listed all of his luminary experiences and awards at the end of this blog.  For everyone else, here is some info on my Sparkling Jewelry from HYDE PARK JEWELERS …

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HEARTLocket When I wear natural gemstones (especially DIAMONDS) I not only sparkle visually, I feel the Sparkle from the inside out. For example, I feel the energy of a natural Diamond at the very moment it touches my skin.  I feel my Sparkle…and a gentle smile appears immediately.
Hmmm…is that Sparkle INSIDE OUT or OUTSIDE IN?
I don’t think we should worry whether our Sparkle starts from the inside or the outside. What is important is that each and every person we meet (even for a moment) experiences genuine Sparkle from our hearts …which we share with our words and acts of kindness!


I have come to embrace the reality that

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I’m No Fashionista (you know I’m all about Sparkle)…but I do know that most women have Go-to Black Basics.  You may have a little black dress (I have a go-to-black-dress that is not so little). We all have a basic black PURSE, basic black PUMPS, basic black FLATS, basic black PANTS, a basic black SWEATER or JACKET, and at least one basic BLACK BUSINESS SUIT (three for me, since I have lots of NYC biz meetings). Our list of black basics can fill this page.   Well, I’m wearing and sharing these NOT-SO-BASIC-BLACK and Diamond earrings….. because they perfectly flirt-up any basic black in your closet! I like flirting as much

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PACKING for HSN Gem Event

BLOG Pic #1 FINAL I started packing for the upcoming HSN Gem Event by organizing not only the new diamond jewelry for the on-air show, but ALSO critical products for beauty emergencies  …after all it is Live TV!  I DO NOT use a small zip-lock bag; that  3-1-1 rule is NOT for me! I have treasured HENRI BENDEL BAGS for years and  I would never leave my Bendel Bags behind.  All of my FULL SIZE beauty essentials pack perfectly in my Classic Henri Bendel Train Case and I can quickly see/get every product without shuffling around frantically!  (Did I mention I am packing for live TV? )  Waiting for my checked luggage is a small investment for having everything I want ….and everything I could possibly need for every beauty challenge!  Again, it’s live TV with no rehearsals and NO Do- Overs!

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Vintage 2

The Allure of Luxury Vintage Shopping

Vintage 2 I hope you experience the pleasure of luxury vintage shopping.  When its time for vintage jewelry shopping, any  jewel you find has surely “lived” an interesting life….but there is a sense of romanticism about becoming its new owner and keeping its journey moving through the ages.  As I’ve shared before,  each piece of jewelry holds its own unique stories.  Imagine a chic debutante wearing your Chanel earrings in the 1960s!  Perhaps an elegant world traveler first acquired your Cartier diamond panther cuff. Depending on your source for vintage jewelry, you may be lucky enough to learn who the owner(s) was or receive other special background information about what makes your piece unique.

Treasure Hunting is fun….but CAUTION!

The allure of vintage shopping is always linked to the discoveries…but the process can be fun, too! The most important word to keep top-of-mind when treasure hunting for vintage or antique jewelry is “Authentic“. This means you

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Schmitt's Jeweler

Personalize & Customize

Personalize FINAL With globally mass produced items and global fashion trends having become the norm, I’m not surprised to see women embracing jewelers and jewelry collections that invite them to personalize & customize. It feels important today (more than ever) to own something truly unique—something truly special. Keep in mind this is not a trend. Personalizing jewelry is not something new, but a classic practice that has resurfaced with plenty of attention. It’s always been in vogue. Every time you purchase a jewelry item, you’re making a statement regarding your personal taste and style. The personalization of a piece just makes it ever more tailored to what you want to say and who you are.
 All fine jewels and fine jewelry allow us to express ourselves
…personalization adds a memorable extra.
personalize Even the simplest designs come to life with the addition of a beautifully-engraved initial or name. Once a jewelry item is personalized or customized , it’s yours and it features the very message you wanted to share with the world. I often allude to the special relationship we have with our jewelry and the personal experience of jewelry. Choosing to personalize & customize a special jewelry item is another way you can celebrate the inimitable connection. Personalize jewelry for yourself to emphasize a unique idea or even proudly don the monogram of your child. Give your daughter a lovely monogrammed necklace as the start of her own jewelry collection. Personalize a precious gift for a friend or loved one with both of your initials or an engraved message to be cherished for years to come.  Here are some ideas….

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How to Mix Metals

mixing2 The more I seek the right way to style and accessorize for each emerging season, the more I am convinced there are no rules (other than taste). For example, for years we were repeatedly  told to never mix metals – particularly silver and gold. While tri-color gold was all the rage for a very brief bit, silver and gold together—never! Well, take a breath, because both street style and red-carpet stylists have cast the “do not mix metal rule” aside. Layering bracelets in silver and gold is as common as wearing a gold ring next to a platinum ring. There is also lots of designing and experimenting with fine jewels set in all types of alternative materials. This does not mean that anything goes….at least not if you are a fashionista with taste! “Why”…you ask… as street style is now as important as the style of designers? Well, the key word is “taste”.  The saying “there is no accounting for taste” is wrong! Our tastes and sense of style are the direct result of the diversity of our experiences and the depth of our exposure ….to great design, architecture and the arts, as well as fashion.   I also like to believe that every rule was created for a reason.  In other words, I think fashion rules emerged (from the savy with “taste”)  to save the masses from unattractive, garish ensembles.  So, it’s a healthy generalization, but I believe that a few fashion guidelines (if not rules) can protect the less than fashion-savvy…

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Jewelry Online Shopping

This post is about Jewelry ONLINE Shopping, but I can’t even begin without acknowledging that I love the experience of shopping in a Fine Jewelry Store! Only in a store can you try-on and feel the jewels touch our skin while shopping.  Part of the alluring experience is also hearing interesting facts or stories about the jewelry from someone knowledgeable or “in the know”.  Whether I speak to the curator who carefully chose the items or I listen to a jewelry professional who knows how to tell a story that is worthy of fine jewels….visiting fine jewelers is just fun! I have to admit, however, that I also love Jewelry Online Shopping!  I enjoy shopping from my bedroom, at a spa (while I am impatiently waiting for my masseuse), while I am preparing dinner (and waiting for something to finish cooking) or relaxing next to my pool…even on my mobile while I am waiting in some unbearable line for something! I know, I know…I am not a patient person and I am not capable of idle “waiting time” for anything! Maybe I should learn to meditate?

Jewelry Online ….the Allure

I have to admit, however, that I also love Jewelry Online Shopping, because…..I like shopping from my bedroom.  I also like shopping when I’m at a spa (while I am impatiently waiting for my masseuse), while I am preparing dinner (and waiting for something to finish cooking) or relaxing next to my pool…even on my mobile while I am waiting in some unbearable line for something! I know, I know…I am not a patient person and I am not capable of idle “waiting time” for anything! Maybe I should learn to meditate?

Notable Online Shopping Spots

More and more people are feeling increasingly comfortable doing the same thing….jewelry online shopping.  Men and women in every socio-economic group, even the most affluent consumers, are buying jewelry from online retailers. The online destinations range from

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