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Jewelry Night Out Across the Country

I  am very proud to be on the national board of  Womens’ Jewelry Association. This 30-year-old trade group was formed to help women break through glass ceilings, achieve their personal and professional goals, and create a strong network of friends and supporters to keep the company along the way. Last week we had a terrific event called Jewelry Night Out – 14 parties across the country all celebrating the friendship, professional development, and fun that comes with being a part of this group. I attended the event in Miami, but here are photos from parties in New York, Seattle, Minneapolis, Denver, and other places across the country! If you are a member of any part of the wonderful world of jewelry, see if there’s a WJA chapter near you at You shouldn’t let us have this much fun without you! BUAKk89CAAAOF20 BUAFYSkCQAA_kmC BSYQpvBCAAAj-dx 1237075_10151827020754799_1816592815_n 1236454_569835149718703_185985059_n 1230067_10151827020609799_1768486762_n 1185931_10153265918360173_678700648_n 999637_10153265918015173_978556124_n 998107_10151827020414799_1148589161_n 559305_10151827051639799_516988723_n 551129_10151804951348592_1047240258_n Ring of Rings BUAM_tbCIAEcbtP

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    Natalie Weisiger


    What a wonderful and fun event! I can’t wait for next year!


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