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Couture 2018

Once again, it’s time for the exclusive Couture Jewelry Show held annually at Wynn Las Vegas …for the most prestigious fine jewelry retailers. As I explained last year, (See: Oh, Couture) attendance is by invitation only. Here is a peak of COUTURE 2018 designers and designs that you may see at you local fine jeweler this holiday.

New Italian Art

Vancouver 2002 Founded in 1969,  NEW ITALIAN ART  has a family tradition that goes back to the beginning of the last century. They continue to be at the forefront in the creation of High Fashion Jewelry, and they have been a favorite of mine since 2002 …when I wore their necklace on stage during an industry speaking engagement.  Take a close look at the timeless Necklace and Earrings that I am wearing at Couture 2018. New Italian Art Neck & Earrings


Designed by women for women, Gumuchian is a gem of a jewelry collection …and you see me wearing Gumuchian a lot!  Did I ever tell you that Gumuchian is manufactured in the United States? Yup, that’s right, Gumuchian is MADE IN NY.  Made in NY with many design inspirations steeped in European Traditions…like carousels. I have read a quite a bit about the many whimsical  carousels in Paris;  but, I still remember a trip to Rome and the magical feeling of first seeing the carousel in the Piazza Novona during a snow fall. Well, that emotional whimsy escape can happen with Gumuchian’s Carousel Collection! IMG_2761

At Couture, I layered on the Gumuchian Convertible Carousel Collection.

Gumuchian CONVERTIBLE  It’s  “Convertible”, because the long oval necklace can be worn at least 7 ways…YES SEVEN ways!

It even has a detachable bracelet!




Pasquale Bruni Couture For two generations, Pasquale Bruni continues to create exceptional pieces of jewelry for women all over the world.  I am drawn to the feminine and  sensual floral motifs of their GIARDINI SEGRETI Collection.  You should definitely visit their website to explore more of their jewels and haute couture collections.   At the Couture 2018 Show, I met family members that are based in their NYC salon; so, you may be seeing me wear more of their SPARKLE again.  Just sayin’

ASSAEL – Magnificent Pearls Exquisite Coral

IMG_6670 ASSAEL Salvador Assael  introduced the world to Black Tahitian Pearls in 1970; and he is  now legendary as the  inspiration behind the Tahitian  black pearl industry.  The House of Assael continues Salvador’s legacy of procuring some of the most sought-after pearls in the world. Assael has also long-maintained a deep commitment to the sea and the environment. Only ethically and legally sourced coral is used in their beautiful coral jewelry creations.   Assael Ring closeup

I just couldn’t stop touching the Assael’s  Jewels….Tahitian Pearls & Coral!


antonini milano Last year at Couture, I noted on my blog  (See: Oh, Couture) that while many celebrities are photographed wearing ANTONINI, my arm was photographed, LOL. This year, I was drawn to their  Matera collection, which they describe as  a timeless re-edition of classic jewels. THAT RING!  


Even in the beautiful Couture Salons surrounded by the brilliance of  Couture Jewels,  I sometimes feel the need to leave momentarily to catch some SUN LIGHT.

So, into the sun with Hammerman Jewels…

Hammerman Brothers Outside Couture Maybe because I have a long neck …..or maybe because I am enamored with every fine jewelry choker that I can find (not as common as you would think) but, I LOVE  chokers and Hammerman’s  is a RARE BEAUTY worthy of my Love, LOL!

Hammerman Choker Close-up

   Until next year ..Goodbye from COUTURE 2018


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    Jon Parker


    You always wear the most beautiful pieces and you wear them so well.


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