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Counting My Blessings

Jan1Photos 003 January 1, 2015  is the  time (like every January 1st) to Relax and Restore.  It is also a time that most people finalize new years resolutions and plan (or at least think about) the coming year.  For me, the first step to planning the new year is to take significant pause …..counting my blessings.  

#1 MOM

I am so blessed that my Mom, who is now a fragile 89 year old woman is still mentally vibrant and present.  She continues to be my counsel and confidant, as well as my role model, which she has for most of my life.  

#2 Health

Those of you who have had health challenges or have a loved one who is not blessed with good health…. well, you know that health is the most precious of gifts and blessings.  With health, life is full of possibilities.  

#3 Work

I know that any and all work is a gift. I am especially  blessed that  2014 was a year of  full-time work; it was the first year of full-time employment following the passing of my son. Whether I am working on a trade show floor, developing industry educational programs, supporting a jewelry brand or  providing guidance as the Diamond Expert on HSN…I know I am blessed to have fulfilling work in the jewelry  industry.  Jewelry makes our celebrations, our relationships  and  our milestones more meaningful. Most importantly, fine jewelry allows us all to artistically document our life stories …and pass those stories to  loved ones for additional chapters.  

#4 Family

John Legend’s song “All Of Me” has lyrics that make me think of my family:

“Your perfect imperfections…” 

You’re my downfall,  You’re my muse…”.

“Even when I lose, I’m winning”. 

I am sure that I am not the only one who tends to be critical of  family.  We somehow more easily excuse the mistakes of “friends”, but our family ….well, why are we so tough on those that we love the most?  I know (and you do, too) that no matter what imperfections our family unit has, no matter what wrong(s) a family member does, no matter how many times they ignore or neglect us, no matter how many times we argue and no matter how much time passes without speaking to each other ….family is a blessing.  Sometimes we don’t understand how a family member can somehow emerge or evolve to value a different belief than ours ….but it doesn’t matter!   Every family  (be it a family of two or twenty) is a blessing.  My Family is a Blessing!

#6 Friends & “Friends”

My Facebook Friends, Twitter Followers, Instagram & LinkedIn Connections, as well as my personal acquaintances and my few close friends are ALL a blessing.  Some of you keep me laughing, others bring a gentle smile to my face, and some of you share information worthy of thought and/or support.  Each and every “friend” is a treasured blessing.   Those of you that subscribe to my blog… or just stop by once in a while are also a blessing.  I started this site after the unexpected passing and the prolonged mourning of my little boy …to give myself something to fill my day (which was mostly spent in bed). Today, I enjoy looking for unique and creative ways to add Sparkle to our daily life (or even just your jewelry box).   Whether we are connected via social media or more personal relationships, I treasure our connections….. and it is a blessing to be able to provide you with words, prayers, inspirations or information that you sometimes find supportive or useful.


  Jan1Photos 012 I pray that each and every one of  you are blessed with health, love and all that you wish        

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    gail hayes


    This was a beautiful read Diane. I enjoy your sincerety. Wishing you a new year full of continued blessings!!♡


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    You are beautiful both on the inside and out. I enjoy reading your blogs. You are an inspiration. I am blessed to have you in my life! Best year to you Diane!


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