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Diamonds Are Called “Ice”

sitting Throughout pop culture, including several “007” movies, Diamonds are called “Ice”. Notwithstanding  the popularity of using “Ice” to describe a Diamond, if  you touch a Diamond to your lips, it will feel ice cold, because (counterintuitive, as it sounds) the diamond conducts heat away from us.  So, for lots of reasons, I simply could not resist a visit to the famous and original IceHotel in Kiruna, Sweden …wearing Diamonds, of course!   

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HEARTLocket When I wear natural gemstones (especially DIAMONDS) I not only sparkle visually, I feel the Sparkle from the inside out. For example, I feel the energy of a natural Diamond at the very moment it touches my skin.  I feel my Sparkle…and a gentle smile appears immediately.
Hmmm…is that Sparkle INSIDE OUT or OUTSIDE IN?
I don’t think we should worry whether our Sparkle starts from the inside or the outside. What is important is that each and every person we meet (even for a moment) experiences genuine Sparkle from our hearts …which we share with our words and acts of kindness!


I have come to embrace the reality that

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Jewels in Vegas & Cannes

adriana-lima-chopard-backstage-party-2014-cannes-film-festival_1 While I was on my way to Las Vegas to deliver the JCK Luxury Keynote that kicked-off the year’s largest gathering of jewels and jewelry professionals….I could not ignore the Cannes Film Festival.
 SIDEBAR: there were again thousands of exhibits in Vegas by the world’s most prestigious jewelry brands and jewelry manufacturer, all for the exclusive consideration of jewelers…. some of which are prestigious brands themselves. Keep your eyes on your local jewelers and you will  see their selections, which are all scheduled to arrive in time for the 2014 Holiday Shopping Season!
So, on May 27th, as I was delivering the keynote to a surprisingly attentive breakfast crowd, the Annual Cannes Film Festival had a jewelry collection on display that is worth noting.  It was the Swiss jewelry and watchmaker, Chopard, who celebrated this year’s 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival with a release of the jewelry collection. 67 fine jewelry pieces of limited edition were created in honor of this year’s event. If you see the pieces and fall in love, I advise swift action. Each piece in Chopard’s Red Carpet Collection happens to be a one of a kind.

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Diamond Right Hand Rings

What ring do you wear on your right hand?  While we reserve our left hand for diamonds symbolizing loving unions to last a life time…don’t forget about your right hand! Even though diamonds are a girl’s best friend, may women never consider making serious diamond ring purchases for themselves. Diamond Right Hand Rings can change that….they are about you! RHRcrop

All About YOU!

Diamond Right Hand Rings are all about the power and irreplaceable feeling of buying your own. They’re a symbol of your personality, personal tastes and success. Your right hand diamond ring is a symbol of your strength and independence – there are no rules. Choose only what you like and wear it when the mood strikes or wear it every day. In fact, why not purchase more than one? This is the time to have fun and be daring with your jewelry shopping. Feel free to go ahead and experiment with trends for your right hand ring. Living in these modern times means we don’t have to wait for engagement to sport incredible diamond jewelry. Diamond rings are fabulous, beautiful and timeless. Somehow they instantly transform us at any age. You’ll walk with a greater air of confidence, elegance and style and it will be just as stunning to wear decades from now. Unlike other stylish purchases, it’s difficult to make a wrong move if you purchase a quality diamond ring. It’s a lifelong investment that will always be relevant and valuable in a financial sense as well as in terms of beauty. What an enjoyable way to empower ourselves!
Affordable Diamond Right Hand Rings available at
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Right Hand Rings in the COLORS OF DIAMONDS available at
049ct-champagne-and-white-diamond-buckle-ring-d-20140425120301167~333639 2ct-colored-diamond-sterling-silver-woven-ring-d-20140416124640353~335284_JY1

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Radiant Orchid

Radiant Orchid or Radiant You

You may love the color purple, which means you are probably excited about the Pantone Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid…since it has been described as a  “captivating purple”.  Me, not so much!  My writing focus is usually about supporting a RADIANT YOU;  and always about jewelry and often about color. Maybe you agree that an accessory with some color seems to keep our energy up and a smile on our face. The executive director of the Pantone Color Institute describes Radiant Orchid as “An enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones; [it] inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health”.  So, while I am not shopping for a Radiant Orchid dress or suit, I think “something”” in Radiant Orchid would be the perfect accessory for Spring and Summer 2014!

Jewelry is the Ultimate Accessory

Jewelry is the ultimate accessory and fine jewelry lasts forever …so, here is a great image that shows all of the Gemstones with Radiant Orchid sensibilities for you to choose for your next jewelry item accessory. Radiant Orchid

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Diamond Heart JA

Diamonds as Gifts or Self-Purchase?

Just as every woman owns/wants at least one little black dress  or several black dresses (e.g. mine are in several sizes), every woman deserves, wants or owns a Diamond.  Actually, it is a Diamond Wardrobe that we all want and need. Unfortunately, most women think they need to receive their first Diamond  or all Diamonds as Gifts, not via Self-Purchase.  Sidebar: a Diamond received as a Gift of Love, still takes my breath away!  BUT…a woman’s Diamond Journey should not be dependent on the tradition of a Diamond Engagement Ring.  A Diamond can be treasured as a Gift or Self-Purchase… both are possible and they are not mutually exclusive.

Diamond Heart JA Why Not from Mom or Dad…

When I supported the DeBeers Group for ten years, I had access to valuable consumer research…showing the motivations and buying habits of consumers.  Oh, was it disturbing and sad to see that only 20% of women were comfortable buying diamond jewelry for themselves!  Well, the JOY OF WEARING a Diamond need not depend on a man.  Sidebar#2:  remember, a Diamond received as a Gift of Love is still desirable and a magical Diamond Moment!  Why doesn’t a woman’s Diamond Journey  begin, however,  when she receives her first diamond from her Mom or Dad? Why not from an her aunt or uncle?   A woman can also start her Diamond Journey!

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jck-tucson-logo (2) Each year I am  excited to go to TUCSON in February! Dozens of GEM SHOWS and  hundreds and hundreds of exhibits where thousands of jewelry lovers, rock hounds and industry friends come together here….unlike any other jewelry event in the world.


This year is even more exciting. I will be the Opening Keynote Speaker at JCK Tucson on Monday, February 3, 2014  bright and early at 8:15 am …just in time for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at 9:15 am.   If you are in the industry, I hope you join me and  here’s a link for you to register 

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Las Vegas Jewelry Week Starts . . . Now!

You already know about New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, and Milan Fashion Week, but do you know about Las Vegas Jewelry Week? Every year, during the week after Memorial Day, the jewelry industry converges on Las Vegas for the biggest jewelry event in North America – and one of the three biggest jewelry shows in the world. I’m packing my bags and finalizing my calendar for what will be a whirlwind of visiting jewelry designers, analyzing new trends and styles, and spending time catching up on all the latest news in the diamond industry!

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