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Diane Warga-Arias

Working as a business consultant that supported the DEBEERS GROUP for over ten years, the words “A DIAMOND IS FOREVER” continue to make me realize how lucky I am to work with my best friend for so long. Yes it is true: “Diamonds are my best friend—LOL.”   I also have come to believe that ALL JEWLERY should be up to diamonds…and last FOREVER!. Quality is important, not just for an engagement ring or a wedding band… quality is important for all jewelry that is given, received or purchased to celebrate our life!  Working in the wonderful jewelry industry for decades, I am known world-wide as the educationalist, who tells it like it is …and helps educate the jewelry industry to do the same.  Today, as I work with  Diamontaires, Jewelry Manufacturers, Jewelry Designers, Jewelry Retailers or women everywhere, I continue to only support and promote jewelry that offers the best possible quality for the price…and it should  last forever! Follow me and I will be your and curator for all that sparkles!

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