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More is Merrier Rule #2

Here is my Rule #2,  which is the second post in the series of my 2013 holiday message: More is Merrier…. offering fail-safe rules for choosing, purchasing and giving  gifts with meaning and lasing value.

#2 Gold Reigns

IMG_8972 qBcrop White metals and quality fine jewelry are long time partners,  and I am not likely to stop wearing my platinum, white gold or sterling silver jewelry EVER!  Although, after seeing Gold Jewelry (yellow gold, that is) pop-up this year on select runways, fashion news-spots and industry hot-spots,  I was motivated to revisit  it.  I don’t know why I stopped wearing Gold (you know I will be talking about yellow gold now, right?); nor do I know why I traded-in (or cashed-in) my Gold jewelry that I owned for decades. Oh wait, I remember; the Gold market was crazy and after months of hesitation, I finally could not resist getting more $ than I originally spent for my Gold jewelry items…that I wasn’t wearing for years.  My journey to  re-explore Gold began at my friends salon in NYC  “Luxe Intelligence” (Sorry, it is only a B2B salon, so you can’t go for a visit unless you are in the industry). I chose Luxe Intelligence as my first stop, because I  know they showcases designers from all over the world…. including designers from places where gold is preferred over white metals. Luxe Intelligence also operates in a beautiful salon, which makes it even more fun to preview the sparkle of fine jewelry!  As soon as I let some of their Gold Jewelry touch my skin, I looked as good as I felt. (Sidebar: there are lots of beautiful mirrors in the Luxe Salon and I have the personally-disturbing habit of checking-out my reflection when given the opportunity.)  Maybe it’s my skin tone (sometimes tanned), maybe it’s my buttery blond hair (chosen by my hair salon expert) or maybe it is how Gold makes me feel!  The fact is that Gold is beautiful…and it is also a real investment. If you have any doubt, just ask a mother in India (or from India) why she ensures her daughter receives lots of gold jewelry for her wedding! Gold Jewelry is a lasting gift of love to be treasured, a lasting gift of beauty to be enjoyed  and a growing gift of value…for a rainy day!

Stay Tuned for Rule #3 Next Week

 24K Gold Bracelets by Hilat …More is Merrier  hilatcrop


Wear Layers of Gold Jewelry
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    Helena Krodel


    I love that you are a convert Diane! Yellow gold looks fabulous on you.
    Shoppers interested in seeing more Hilat jewelry are welcome to reach out to us at Luxe Intelligence!
    Happy Holidays!


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