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Christmas Sparkle


‘Tis the Season for JOY & LOVE

‘Tis the Season for SHARING & GIVING



DWA-125 Gifts given at Christmas (or during The Festival of Lights), should be worthy of this magical holiday season! This means your gift should keep your loving celebrations remembered and enjoyed for years and years. This is NOT the time for fast food, fast fashion or money wasted on gifts with no meaning or value. It’s the time to add some Christmas Sparkle to our Life (and others’) with gifts of lasting value and real meaning, magic and mystery.      


The Diamond is the Ultimate Fashion Accessory, chosen to grace Red Carpets, primarily for its Beauty.  Scientists, Geologists and Gemologists have volumes of research documenting why the Diamond is warranted to be considered the Ultimate Gemstone for reasons relating to its organic structure.  From celebrities to entire societies, and people with no known notoriety …we all know and recognize the Diamond as the Ultimate Gift of Love. The Diamond’s unparalleled position in History, Art, Science and Anthropology can be explained by a Diamond’s intrinsic value combined with its Meaning, Magic and Mystery.

Colorless Diamonds, White Diamonds, Black Diamonds and all the Fancy Colors of Diamonds

  • No other gemstone has a Diamond’s Optical Properties, which is why it Sparkles like no other …and its Sparkle and Beauty has captivated humankind for centuries.
  • Diamonds are formed over millions, even billions of years …and are born deep within the earth under extreme heat and pressure.  The resulting organic energy of a Diamond is described by generations as Magical! It is still a Mystery how/why Diamonds alone hold massive historical accounts and continuing stories surrounding their energy and influence.
  • No other gemstone can document your story/memory like a genuine Diamond, This documentation ability is NOT explained by the successful marketing campaign that tells us ” A DIAMOND IS FOREVER”; … is because a Diamond is still the hardest natural substance known to man (and women).  The Diamond’s strength and durability is incomparable within the world of gemstones!

So, when it comes to Gifting…

Diamonds remain The Ultimate Gift,  for  their Beauty, Durability, Meaning, Magic and Mystery!

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