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The Ultimate “Do”

Some women love to play & experiment with their hair color; I love to play (and work) with jewelry in my hair! Hubert de Givenchy once said: Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself. So, omg, don’t forget to bejewel your hair! Bejeweled hair is the ultimate “do.” We’ve all seen photos of beautiful Indian weddings complete with bejeweled brides dripping with yellow gold and colorful gemstones. Who hasn’t imagined herself looking so feminine, so alluring, and so thoroughly cherished as to be literally draped in gemstones? From hair jewelry on the red carpet to exciting new options at your local jewelry store, you have more options than ever to introduce a little more jewelry into your wardrobe! In our modern world, hair jewelry is typically associated with the tiara, but tiaras have a long and storied past, and were originally known as diadems. The earliest diadems known were worn in ancient Greece, made of gold or silver sheet and decorated with embossed patterns. In ancient Rome, women with an important position in society wore elaborate headdresses made of gold and jewels. Nearly every culture has historical examples of jewelry worn in the hair. Don’t leave the tiaras and hair gems to the royalty of the world! And don’t relegate it to the occasional wedding. You may be missing out on some perfectly exciting ways to introduce more fine jewelry into your life! Ivana Trump once said: “Gorgeous hair is the best revenge.”  Whether you’re motivated by revenge, beauty, nature, envy, or Love … put some Diamonds & Fine Jewelry in your hair for the ultimate do! Sandra Bullock, Salma Hayek, and Nicole Kidman all sported hair jewels at the 2013 Academy Awards

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    What perfect timing for your new blog! I just saw pictures of the always chic Stella McCartney receiving her Order of the British Empire (OBE) last week from the Queen of England …. and just like you discuss here, she had “bejeweled hair” — a magnificent headpiece made from two vintage platinum Cartier jewels (one a family heirloom) sewn together by her milliner pal Philip Treacy. She wore the jewels with an antique veil she bought when she was 15 years old at a vintage fair … of course, she did!!! Needless to say she wore a bespoke navy suit of her own design that was fabulous.


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