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Time to Bid Farewell

Sparkling Signs of Life

Yellow walking Maybe It is time to bid farewell and try to shake-away from the doldrums that are often caused by a winter season filled with months of early morning chills, frost, ice storms,  power-outages  and personal or family challenges.   Now is the time to enjoy the sunshine, clean out our closets and feed our soul by focusing on all the Sparkling Signs of Life … the Sparkling Signs of Spring!

Spring Equinox

Each year, in late March or April, the first signs of winter’s departure … are marked on calendars or in publications with the words  “Spring Equinox”.  No matter where you live or travel, you can see the new, tiny buds of greenery and color emerge.  We all know that slowly and magically the buds will eventually burst into full bloom. So, while many of us set our sights on summer fun and vacations…NOW – Spring,  is the perfect time to take pause, reflect and appreciate the Sparkling Signs of Life that surround us.  

Yellow Bench Far

Flowers & Color

Yellow Earrings Perfect NOW With a handful of colored pencils and Sparkling Gumuchian accessories, I found a park bench surrounded by beautiful greenery and flowers. That’s where I decided to try relaxing with the new trend of adult coloring books…. while also taking-in the rich colors and flowers.   Of course, thanks to Gumuchian, I also had a pair of golden flowers on each ear.  The earrings are 18 karat gold;  and each beauty is a small lotus flower that connects with a larger dangling lotus flower. I’m sure you noticed that each  flower has a round brilliant diamond in its center!  

Butterflies & Transformation

Spring is marked by many seasonal transformations, and it’s also the time that many of us start our own transformations.  Whether it’s starting a diet for our summer bathing-suit or transforming our life more dramatically… transformations are part of life (and bring new adventures)!  Butterflies are the iconic symbol of transformation. BEJEWELED  butterflies are the perfect accessory to not only celebrate our transformation, but to also remind us that adventures are ahead, on the other side of our transformation! Yellow Pin on Hat Enhanced brooch DIAMOND    

                                       Sharing the Sparkle

I continue to be filled with gratitude for the sparkling smiles that surrounded me with love during my family’s recent memorial. As I embark on my most difficult transformation,  I know that I am blessed with years of loving memories and experiences that will continue to define me.  In the immediate future, I look forward to Sharing the Sparkle of Diamonds with you on April 29th, when I return to HSN.   Ricky's Communion box chop            

 “Jewelry Holds Our Life’s Stories” is an article I wrote in 2014.

       I hope you tune-in 4/29/2016 and discover jewels that are perfect

to celebrate YOUR life…. and hold YOUR Story!


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