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Diane Warga-Arias

 Working as a business consultant that supported the DEBEERS GROUP for over ten years, I quickly came to believe that ALL JEWELRY should be up to diamonds…and last FOREVER! Fine Jewelry makes our life’s milestones and important occasions …..even more important and memorable!  This means fine jewelry chosen to celebrate our birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, graduations and Mother’s Day etc. is more than an accessory: fine jewelry enhances our life and our life’s experiences. So, I believe quality is important, not just for an engagement ring or a wedding band… quality is important for all jewelry that is given, received or purchased to celebrate our life!  Working in the wonderful jewelry industry for decades, I am known world-wide as the educationalist, who helps jewelry professionals succeed by facing & addressing their weaknesses  …and helps jewelry brands grow by first facing their own brutal realities.  As I continue to work with  Diamontaires, Jewelry Manufacturers, Jewelry Designers, Jewelry Retailers and Women everywhere, I continue to only support and promote jewelry that offers lasting quality and value.

Forever-Quality For Everyone

Fine Jewelry should last FOREVER …Nothing Fake, Faux, Phony or Fleeting will do!  Besides, many women like me are allergic to fake. So, don’t despair; there is real quality fine jewelry that is affordable and available to all with the right information. I will curate the marketplace and offer information to help you make the right choice – for you.

I hope to inspire you to invest in Quality ….and add some real Sparkle to your life (especially with Diamonds)!

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