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This Holiday, Give Gifts of Meaning

Give Gifts of Meaning and Lasting Value

We all seem to be in search of the more meaningful Holiday . . . less stuff, more value. Some of this is economic; currencies worldwide are depreciating and in many places times are tough. And some of it is emotional – we all want to focus more of our energy on gifts of meaning rather than just giving things.  My strong belief is that we should only purchase those gifts that hold or increase their value while expressing the strongest emotions . . . gemstones and jewelry of course.

Diamond Studs an Essential Part of a Jewelry Wardrobe At the Top of My List . . .

For women . . . diamonds still take a woman’s breath away like no other gift, and of course, a Diamond is Forever. Pearls are also a classic choice that I have always loved, as did my mom.

What’s in Your Jewelry Wardrobe?

All women should have a basic jewelry wardrobe – and this is a necessity for any woman in business! So when choosing gifts of meaning  for the woman in your life this year, in addition to Quality and Value, Versatility should lead the way. Here are my recommendations:
  • A beautiful timepiece
  • Pearl necklace or pendant
  • Pearl stud earrings
  • Diamond stud earrings
  • Diamond ring (’tis the season for engagements and anniversary bands! But it’s also always a good time for a right-hand ring).
  • Diamond pendant or necklace
  • Fine jewelry brooch (diamonds or pearls, or a brooch with both)

What about the men in our lives?

Watches are the easy choice, but I’m always shocked when I see a man dressed with a fine timepiece, but with shirt cuffs (peeking from his sleeve) closed with plastic buttons. Where is the fine pair of cufflinks? It’s always the little details that matter, and for me cufflinks are as important to a man’s polished look as his shoes. If you want to see a truly different collection of cufflinks made of the highest quality gemstones and hand-crafted in the United States, check out what Seaman Schepps has to offer. Men are also buying more accessories, and the selection of fine men’s bracelets has never been better! When you stop in at your independent retailer, make sure you look at men’s jewelry. The offerings from designer lines like David Heston, Todd Reed, David Yurman, Scott Kay and more are genuinely exciting and look terrific with a magnificent Italian suit or jeans and a jacket.   I suspect we’re all at the point in our lives where we’d rather have one beautiful, meaningful gift of lasting value than 10 – or even 20! – lesser gifts whose pleasure will fade quickly.  Remember, it’s not just Diamonds that are Forever . . . it’s also the true thoughtfulness that goes into selecting them. Happy Holidays my friends!

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