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Diamonds as Gifts or Self-Purchase?

Just as every woman owns/wants at least one little black dress  or several black dresses (e.g. mine are in several sizes), every woman deserves, wants or owns a Diamond.  Actually, it is a Diamond Wardrobe that we all want and need. Unfortunately, most women think they need to receive their first Diamond  or all Diamonds as Gifts, not via Self-Purchase.  Sidebar: a Diamond received as a Gift of Love, still takes my breath away!  BUT…a woman’s Diamond Journey should not be dependent on the tradition of a Diamond Engagement Ring.  A Diamond can be treasured as a Gift or Self-Purchase… both are possible and they are not mutually exclusive.

Diamond Heart JA Why Not from Mom or Dad…

When I supported the DeBeers Group for ten years, I had access to valuable consumer research…showing the motivations and buying habits of consumers.  Oh, was it disturbing and sad to see that only 20% of women were comfortable buying diamond jewelry for themselves!  Well, the JOY OF WEARING a Diamond need not depend on a man.  Sidebar#2:  remember, a Diamond received as a Gift of Love is still desirable and a magical Diamond Moment!  Why doesn’t a woman’s Diamond Journey  begin, however,  when she receives her first diamond from her Mom or Dad? Why not from an her aunt or uncle?   A woman can also start her Diamond Journey!

The Self-Purchase Capital: HSN

Just Rings2 Last week, was my premiere appearance on HSN as their resident Diamond Expert…it was great fun! I am truly exited to add HSN to my prestigious client list in this new role/responsibility! “Why”, you may ask…well, HSN viewers are primarily women who make self-purchases!  Not too many years ago,  DeBeers research reported that women were not comfortable purchasing Diamonds from Jewelry Stores; women felt un-welcomed and intimidated. Well, thank goodness some jewelers responded positively and made changes!  FYI:  confident women have been choosing HSN for many years!   I am honored and humbled to help women make Diamond purchases via HSN–the Self-Purchase Capital from my POV!  Diamond Jewelry (versus synthetics, simulants or other gemstones)  make us sparkle,  look beautiful and FEEL beautiful, as well as help us express our sense of style! I invite you to follow my EVENT listing on this site and watch for my next show…or visit and enter the following in the search field: COLORS OF DIAMONDS. Oh, the Joy of Wearing Diamond Jewelry!   JA HSN 2 COD HSN        

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    Lee Wiser McIntosh


    Loved your perspective. And the “female self purchaser” is my business mainstay and has been for over thirteen years.
    I think the earlier the better. Buying diamonds for yourself is empowering. My daughter will receive hers from me and I will encourage her to buy for herself as well! Thanks for such a lovely read on this rainy morning in Atlanta!


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