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Centurion Jewelry Show

IMG_6708 SIGN Centurion 2018 Just when I think I can not take any more  cold NYC winds, it is time for a trip to sunny Scottsdale, AZ …to attend the Centurion Jewelry Show at The Phoenician. The Centurion Jewelry Show is an Invitation-Only Event for High-End Jewelers and again I was honored to be invited! Here are some of my favorite designer Sparkle at Centurion…which may soon be available at your local fine jeweler.    


IMG_6673Freida Established in 2010, Freida is a Brooklyn based designer who specializes in luxury jewelry and accessories (very cool sunglasses, BTW).  She is most recognized for her stacked necklaces, bracelets and ring sets …that feature two-tone colored metals and matte metal finishing. Freida’s Centurion Salon was so much fun… not only did her staff bedazzle me, she personally taught me how to use my Instagram App for  insta-videos.  #SoManyLaughs with this award-winning Rising Star! Frieda Sunglasses, Earrings & Stacked Necks

KC Designs

IMG_6519KCDesigns Joe Carullo I also had fun at KC Designs, putting lots of diamond rings on lots of my fingers and lots of diamond bracelets on my wrist.  Seriously…how is a woman to choose? For more than 30 years, Joe Carullo (pictured with me) and his partner/friend Lenny Kroll, together ensure that KC Designs continues to design everyday fun, approachable and accessible diamond jewelry for women of all ages.


Fana Close-up High-end Jewelry meets Edge and Wearability (with some COLOR) at FANA!
From Diamond Engagement Rings to Diamond Fashion Rings…they have it all. Visit their website and see for yourself:

 GN Diamond

GNDiamonds Beautiful Diamond Jewelry begins with Beautiful DIAMONDS!   GN Diamond  is a manufacturer of diamonds; in other words,  they CUT rough diamonds to create beautiful  polished diamonds.  Noteworthy is the fact that they have one of the largest inventories of loose diamonds in the US!  That’s not surprising, since they have been in business for over 35 years with offices in Philadelphia, NJ and Israel.  You should ask your local jeweler about GN Diamond’s  new “Bright Crystal Diamond” Bright Crystal Diamond …for sparkle that is AHmazing!  Remember this: While beautiful Diamond Jewelry begins with beautiful Diamonds, the most beautiful Diamonds start as beautiful sparkling ROUGH Diamond crystals!



pearlRings For nearly a century, the pearl professionals at MASTOLONI have adorned women with the most beautiful pearls in the world!  You have probably seen Instagram pictures of me @JewelryActivist …layered with strands and stands of Mastoloni! At Centurion, I started with Rings, then added earrings and the perfect  necklace of  GOLD & PEARLS, double wrapped around by neck and décolleté.


IMG_3861Gumuchian Designed by women for women…GUMUCHIAN is one place that I would never ever miss during a jewelry show.  Oh, the FEEL of Gumuchian’s  DECO SECRET GARDEN Convertible Necklace and Earrings! Gumuchian CloseUp

Final Thoughts: We all know that Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend!

FYI: GUMUCHIAN Diamond Jewelry is a Woman’s Best Friend!

IMG_6480Gumuchian Thanks for reading…SPARKLE ON!  

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