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The Allure of Luxury Vintage Shopping

Vintage 2 I hope you experience the pleasure of luxury vintage shopping.  When its time for vintage jewelry shopping, any  jewel you find has surely “lived” an interesting life….but there is a sense of romanticism about becoming its new owner and keeping its journey moving through the ages.  As I’ve shared before,  each piece of jewelry holds its own unique stories.  Imagine a chic debutante wearing your Chanel earrings in the 1960s!  Perhaps an elegant world traveler first acquired your Cartier diamond panther cuff. Depending on your source for vintage jewelry, you may be lucky enough to learn who the owner(s) was or receive other special background information about what makes your piece unique.

Treasure Hunting is fun….but CAUTION!

The allure of vintage shopping is always linked to the discoveries…but the process can be fun, too! The most important word to keep top-of-mind when treasure hunting for vintage or antique jewelry is “Authentic“. This means you

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