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More is Merrier Rule #2

Here is my Rule #2,  which is the second post in the series of my 2013 holiday message: More is Merrier…. offering fail-safe rules for choosing, purchasing and giving  gifts with meaning and lasing value.

#2 Gold Reigns

IMG_8972 qBcrop White metals and quality fine jewelry are long time partners,  and I am not likely to stop wearing my platinum, white gold or sterling silver jewelry EVER!  Although, after seeing Gold Jewelry (yellow gold, that is) pop-up this year on select runways, fashion news-spots and industry hot-spots,  I was motivated to revisit  it.  I don’t know why I stopped wearing Gold (you know I will be talking about yellow gold now, right?); nor do I know why I traded-in (or cashed-in) my Gold jewelry that I owned for decades. Oh wait, I remember; the Gold market was crazy and after months of hesitation, I finally could not resist getting more $ than I originally spent for my Gold jewelry items…that I wasn’t wearing for years.  My journey to  re-explore Gold

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