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  We all have heard sales people tell us to make the investment in fine jewelry so that we can pass it on to our children, to our family, etc. But I say buy quality, because you deserve to celebrate your life with quality today!   This website and blog is designed to show you how to find the affordable real thing! So, let me start with my Quality Rules . . . #1: You Deserve the Real Thing! Nothing Fake, Nothing Faux, Nothing Phony and Nothing Fleeting should take your hard-earned dollars. #2: Don’t be Tricked by Marketing Spin. If someone says it is “Brilliant” . . .they may mean it is brilliant in their hand or studio that is filled with Fake and Faux gems. Most people who look at a fake gem next to a real gem…will see the difference. Most importantly, you should KNOW & FEEL the difference. You know you deserve and want the real thing! So don’t let yourself be conned, mislead or manipulated! Remember, everyone wants to sell their products and unfortunately, they often use words that make their products seem better than they are! Do you remember reading about “PINK SLIME” that is added to Beef in most grocery stores with the name “Lean Textured Beef” – ugh!! If some people are comfortable tricking us about the food we eat and give our children…what do you think their boundaries are for jewelry and gemstones? #3: Real Jewelry & Real Gemstones are Available at Every Price Point! Real natural gemstones can be Affordable; there is no reason to break your piggy bank…unless you want to LOL. Follow me and I will be your curator for all that Sparkles…or send me your questions and in keeping with my reputation – I will tell it like it is! #4: Only Natural Diamonds are FOREVER. We all love diamonds, want diamonds, buy diamonds or ask for diamond jewelry because a Diamond is the ultimate gift of love and the ultimate self-expression! Don’t be fooled by clever Brand Names that make you think Fake or treated diamonds are real Diamonds – ugh! ALWAYS be sure to ask if they are Natural, untreated Diamonds! If you get some answer that is a beautiful description about how beautiful they are…go back to your question and make sure they are answering your question: “Are the beautiful things, Natural Untreated Diamonds”? #5: Build a Jewelry Wardrobe If you invest in Quality, then each piece of jewelry should be purchased as part of a jewelry wardrobe…that will build and grow in flexibility and beauty over the years. Buying one piece of jewelry without thinking about your jewelry wardrobe…can be like buying that blouse, or skirt or suit in your closet that you never wore, because you don’t have anything to wear with it! Follow me for future posts that will discuss the Jewelry Basics that every woman needs….and the right ways to build the jewelry wardrobe that you want and deserve!  

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Diane Warga-Arias

Working as a business consultant that supported the DEBEERS GROUP for over ten years, the words “A DIAMOND IS FOREVER” continue to make me realize how lucky I am to work with my best friend for so long. Yes it is true: “Diamonds are my best friend—LOL.”   I also have come to believe that ALL JEWLERY should be up to diamonds…and last FOREVER!. Quality is important, not just for an engagement ring or a wedding band… quality is important for all jewelry that is given, received or purchased to celebrate our life!  Working in the wonderful jewelry industry for decades, I am known world-wide as the educationalist, who tells it like it is …and helps educate the jewelry industry to do the same.  Today, as I work with  Diamontaires, Jewelry Manufacturers, Jewelry Designers, Jewelry Retailers or women everywhere, I continue to only support and promote jewelry that offers the best possible quality for the price…and it should  last forever! Follow me and I will be your and curator for all that sparkles!

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