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You’ve Gotta Have Heart

G&G Creations Heart But This Heart Jewelry Takes Design to a Much Higher Level

Hearts are one of the most common shapes found in modern jewelry, and for good reason. Jewelry is the go-to gift for romance and special occasions! If you’ve become a bit tired of the typical heart motif, let me stir your heart with a few very fresh takes on this wonderful tradition! Heart Jewelry from G&G Creations My favorite hearts this season are designed and hand-crafted by G&G Creations in Boston. The entire G&G line is beyond beautiful – all museum quality jewelry that feels good on and really draws attention! So it’s no surprise that their new collection of hearts is sophisticated and of the highest quality. Every piece they make is unique, just like the individual hearts to whom each piece will be gifted.  

Or is Vintage Heart Jewelry More Your Style?

Just Jules Locket

If the thing that makes your own heart go pitter-pat, you’ll love what designer Julie Romanenko does with vintage heart lockets. She shops antique shops all over the world looking for only the most beautiful and unique lockets she can find. After she redesigns them to include new or handmade chains, gemstone elements, and other lovely touches, you have a locket that is both traditional and stylish. Like the hearts from G&G, every locket Julie creates is a one-of-a-kind, which is such a nice touch for any gift associated with romantic love.  

Diamond Heart Jewelry

De Beers Heart

Of course, diamonds are still a girl’s best friend. Maybe the heart for you is something dainty that you can wear on your sleeve, like this sweet little diamond heart bracelet from De Beers.  

Molina Fine Jewelers

            Or perhaps this heart will capture yours  …with over 17carats of diamonds on the outside and almost 3carats of pink sapphires on the inside, there is nothing tiny about this breathtaking pendant. The  3inch, three dimensional heart is suspended from a diamond pave chain and is only a heartbeat away at    

  Heart to Heart…

Remember that fine jewelry hearts such as these will never go out of style – and may become some of your favorite heirlooms.  So, In the spirit of Valentine’s Day:
  1. Tweet Sweet
  2. Blow Kisses
  3. Spread some Kindness
  4. Roll-out the Red Carpet for a Friend
  5. Form a Strategic Partnership
  6. …and Have a Heart!

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New Jewelry Wardrobe for the New Year!

Experience the Joy of a New Jewelry Wardrobe Without Breaking the Bank!

A friend of mine told me that she received a new jewelry box for Christmas, which meant touching , polishing & enjoying her quality jewelry all over again.  More importanly, after a little care and attention she now says she has an entirely new jewelry wardrobe! What a terrific idea! You don’t have to receive a new jewelry box to do this (though a new jewelry box is such a fun thing). The new year is a terrific time to refresh your jewelry wardrobe with a bit of attention. Here are my tips for taking your jewelry wardrobe in hand:
  1. Sort your jewelry to determine which pieces you no longer wear. They’re just taking up space! You may be holding on to a few pieces for a daughter or granddaughter, and if that is the case, carefully wrap them (don’t forget the anti-tarnish strips if the item is silver) and tuck them away in a safe place. That way they stop taking up space in your jewelry box and you’ve stored them safely for the future. As for the rest? Gift them, melt them, or remake them! Take your un-worn jewelry items to your local independent jeweler for a discussion of all the possibilities (and don’t forget, Erica Courtney offers an amazing Repurpose! Relove! program for those of you who want to redesign your jewelry)!
  2. Clean your jewelry. Every time you wear your precious gems and metals they pick up body oils, lotions, soaps, and environmental pollutants – just like your clothing! If you don’t own a home-use ultrasonic cleaner, this is a terrific item to invest in.  Delicate items like pearls, opals, and other soft gemstones should always be taken to your local jeweler for professional cleaning.
  3. Play with your jewelry! Try different combinations than the ones you have been using. Pair your jewelry up with different outfits. Jewelry is supposed to be a fun, motivating part of getting ready for each day – a way to add a bit of creative flair and personal identity to your every-day look.
  4. Consider where your jewelry box is located! I’ve talked to people who said they forget to wear their jewelry because the jewelry box is in a dark spot on a closet shelf, underneath other items that are a hassle to move, or otherwise inconvenient to access. Fix this, and make selecting your jewelry the part of getting dressed you most look forward to!
Of course, it’s always exciting to acquire a wonderful new objet d’fine jewelry, but why wait? You might find that you have treasures untold hiding in your jewelry box right now. Have fun!

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This Holiday, Give Gifts of Meaning

Give Gifts of Meaning and Lasting Value

We all seem to be in search of the more meaningful Holiday . . . less stuff, more value. Some of this is economic; currencies worldwide are depreciating and in many places times are tough. And some of it is emotional – we all want to focus more of our energy on gifts of meaning rather than just giving things.  My strong belief is that we should only purchase those gifts that hold or increase their value while expressing the strongest emotions . . . gemstones and jewelry of course.

Diamond Studs an Essential Part of a Jewelry Wardrobe At the Top of My List . . .

For women . . . diamonds still take a woman’s breath away like no other gift, and of course, a Diamond is Forever. Pearls are also a classic choice that I have always loved, as did my mom.

What’s in Your Jewelry Wardrobe?

All women should have a basic jewelry wardrobe – and this is a necessity for any woman in business! So when choosing gifts of meaning  for the woman in your life this year, in addition to Quality and Value, Versatility should lead the way. Here are my recommendations:
  • A beautiful timepiece
  • Pearl necklace or pendant
  • Pearl stud earrings
  • Diamond stud earrings
  • Diamond ring (’tis the season for engagements and anniversary bands! But it’s also always a good time for a right-hand ring).
  • Diamond pendant or necklace
  • Fine jewelry brooch (diamonds or pearls, or a brooch with both)

What about the men in our lives?

Watches are the easy choice, but I’m always shocked when I see a man dressed with a fine timepiece, but with shirt cuffs (peeking from his sleeve) closed with plastic buttons. Where is the fine pair of cufflinks? It’s always the little details that matter, and for me cufflinks are as important to a man’s polished look as his shoes. If you want to see a truly different collection of cufflinks made of the highest quality gemstones and hand-crafted in the United States, check out what Seaman Schepps has to offer. Men are also buying more accessories, and the selection of fine men’s bracelets has never been better! When you stop in at your independent retailer, make sure you look at men’s jewelry. The offerings from designer lines like David Heston, Todd Reed, David Yurman, Scott Kay and more are genuinely exciting and look terrific with a magnificent Italian suit or jeans and a jacket.   I suspect we’re all at the point in our lives where we’d rather have one beautiful, meaningful gift of lasting value than 10 – or even 20! – lesser gifts whose pleasure will fade quickly.  Remember, it’s not just Diamonds that are Forever . . . it’s also the true thoughtfulness that goes into selecting them. Happy Holidays my friends!

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America’s First Jeweler

Independent Jewelers are best choice for consumers

Black, Starr & Frost is America’s first  jeweler and I do mean first, as in founded in 1810 and still in business today.  If the name sounds familiar to you, maybe it’s because you remember Marilyn Monroe naming them in the song “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” in the 1953 blockbuster film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.  Or perhaps you’ve visited the Newport Beach store that includes a waterfront patio, a fireplace, a bar and beautiful chandelliers to light your way.  Perhaps you heard mention of the countless celebrities who have purchased their most important jewelry pieces from Black, Starr & Frost or read of the premiums paid at auction for Black Starr & Frost items.

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Philanthropical in Pink: Show Your Breast Cancer Awareness in Style

Omi Prive

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and pink is the color of breast cancer awareness. If you didn’t notice pink rubber awareness bracelets throughout the year, you’ll have a hard time missing them during this month. Purchases of those bracelets provides income for  breast cancer research and support, so here’s an example of how a rubber bracelet can claim a type of quality all its own – the quality of philanthropy. But if you want to give back while wearing something with more fine jewelry appeal,  you have several options. First, stop by your local independent jeweler. Many independent jewelers create their own cause jewelry and donate a percentage of each purchase to research. Ostbye in Minneapolis offers a 14k two tone pendant with diamond melee that makes a simple, delicate . . . and fine statement of support. Studio 2015 Jewelers in Woodstock, Illinois designs a new breast cancer awareness piece each year that is auctioned off for breast cancer research and is available for sale through the store. Chances are very good that an independent jeweler in your area is doing something special too. Jewelry designers create cause pieces as well. Tacori’s 18k pink gold pendant with diamonds is a beautiful statement piece, and at the other end of the price spectrum Sara Blaine designs a series of silver dog tags in her “It’s the Journey” series supporting breast cancer research. My point, as always, is that quality can be part of every jewelry purchase.  Of course, my preference for pink this month would probably be Omi Prive’s amazing pink tourmaline ring – with a personal donation to breast cancer research on the side.

Studio 2015 18k White Pendant

Tacori 18k Rose with Diamonds

Ostbye 14k 2-Tone Pendant

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Diamonds & Covert Affairs The Diamond Industry is currently whispering and trying to resolve their concerns & fears regarding synthetic diamonds (i.e. lab-grown). The drama started when recent parcels of synthetic diamonds were submitted to grading labs (in several countries) as natural diamonds. Most industry leaders, however, are calm and confident that detection systems and instruments are effective…and all is well. Yet, as “officials” sourced-back to the suppliers of these covert and fraudulent submissions …there is evidence that even natural Diamonds are surrounded by disturbing fears. Remember the movie “Blood Diamonds”? This Oscar nominated movie told the horrific story of unimaginable human suffering due to diamonds mined in the conflict areas of chaos and civil war that enveloped 1990’s Sierra Leone. A blood diamond, also known as a conflict diamond, is rough diamond used by rebel movements to finance war against legitimate governments. Well, in 2000 The Kimberly Process (KP) began as a joint governments, industry and civil society initiative to stem the flow of conflict diamonds. As of January 2012, KP members account for approximately 99.8% of the global production of rough diamonds and its important work continues throughout the world. In addition, every reputable jeweler in the US participates in the diamond industry’s “System of Warranties” to ensure their jewelry does not include even a single conflict diamond (aka blood diamond). Yet, just a few days ago, a new episode of the TV series, “Covert Affairs” (USA Network) aired with conflict diamonds, again in the spotlight. When pop culture keeps blood diamonds in our conversation, all is not well (even in the US) from my point-of-view. To those of you who don’t follow the show: During a 36 hour assignment, Auggie (CIA) tells his friend and colleague (Annie) about his decision to propose to his new girlfriend (Parker). Now, never mind the “tension”/bond between Annie & Auggie….watch the show for that stuff. Simultaneous with the proposal-plan announcement, however, Auggie shows Annie the engagement ring he purchased. Auggie bought a Pearl Ring—not a Diamond Ring; YIKES, Auggie! He explains to Annie, “I couldn’t go the traditional route, because of the blood diamond trade.” Yes, I shed a tear for Diamonds & Covert Affairs. Diamonds & Pearls are both classics within the world of fashion. Oh, how I love the old movies with Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn wearing their pearls! Yes, I have a strand (or two)…and sometimes I am in the mood to wear a pair of simple, elegant pearl stud earrings. Diamonds, however, are in another league. Only a Diamond is the ultimate symbol of beauty, because a set-diamond is more than a jewelry accessory. Diamonds become part of us as soon as these natural beauties touch our skin. (BTW, pearls can be damaged if they are not gently wiped after being worn or touching our skin.) More importantly, a Diamond remains the ultimate symbol of love. Diamonds communicate what many men cannot seem to get out of their mouths – LOL. So, as I delight in the fact that more and more confident women purchase diamonds for themselves, (refusing to wait for a man to buy them ), many of these same confident women (like me)ALSO remain moved, breathless or teary-eyed when a man pops “the” question with a Diamond Engagement Ring. As the character on “Covert Affairs” chose a pearl stud ring for his engagement ring last week, I shed a tear, because I believe that most women (and some great men) feel the same as me. Above all else, a Diamond means love and publicly “says” love like no other gemstone or gift. My last post, “Changing the World with Jewelry Activism” also spoke of the good Diamonds do for so many throughout the world. In the US, an estimated 80% of engagements remain sealed with a Diamond Engagement Ring (DER), but I am obviously concerned that the DER may not remain the cultural imperative it is. The Diamond Industry must do a better job communicating the status of global Diamond trading. So, this article is my attempt to contribute to that discussion…and I’m not whispering!  

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This Idea Holds Water

Changing the World with Jewelry Activism

Quality Jewelry enhances our lives for sure. Whether we receive jewelry for a Birthday, Anniversary or “Just Because” …fine jewelry makes our important occasions more memorable.  Gifted fine jewelry is always an intimate expression of love and who doesn’t know that a Diamond is the ultimate expression of love!  Jewelry we purchase for ourselves also enhances our lives.  Unlike other accessories, we don’t just feel more “put together” with fine jewelry; we feel more confident and more beautiful, because quality jewelry and natural gemstones become part of us versus part of our ensemble. WHAT ABOUT THE SOURCE OF OUR JEWELRY? Following one of my recent seminars, I received a “thank-you-gift” of pink beads that perfectly matched a designer’s pink jacket that I was wearing. BEADS, REALLY?  Most people know that I am about natural gemstones, diamonds and only precious metals—the “noble metals”.  Well, I graciously accepted the gift and simultaneously learned about a great initiative: “Bead for Life”.   The beads are hand-made in Uganda, Africa with recycled paper ….and have been featured on NBC Nightly News, O Magazine, Vanity Fair and more.  In 2004, when the founders launched BeadforLife, they had no idea of how their endeavor would expand to help so many! MJ Christensen Diamonds (Jewelers since 1939; located in Las Vegas) is the jeweler that bestowed upon me the Beads for Life …but more important, they host an Annual Runway for Life Event at both of their jewelry locations.  BRAVO, MJ Christensen! Click this link to see one of their events: There are other independent jewelers that are “doing good” for their communities and beyond….find out who they are in your area.   If you are around Phoenix, Arizona, you should stop-in and say hi to Molina Fine Jewelers who operates with a mission: CHANGING THE WORLD ONE JEWEL AT A TIME™.  Over the past 20 years, along with the time and talents of CEO, Alfredo J. Molina, Molina Fine Jewelers has proudly donated over $30 Million in support of local and national charitable organizations…in addition to hosting hundreds of events that motivate others to give. Click to see a video of just one of Molina’s dedicated fundraising initiatives: No matter where you shop, I want you to know that buying DIAMONDS is good for many…and provides critical revenue for some countries.   Few people know that Diamond revenues enable every child in Botswana to receive free education up to the age of 13. An estimated 5 million people have access to appropriate healthcare globally thanks to revenues from diamonds.  Still more can be done and here are my favorite organizations that are involved: The Diamond Empowerment Fund (DEF) is an international non- profit organization supporting education initiatives in diamond producing countries.  Website: The Diamond Development Initiative (DDI) works to ensure that Diamonds become an engine for development in countries where artisanal diamond-diggers labor in poverty, outside the formal economy.  Website:  

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True Luxury- Jewelry Activist Diane Warga-Arias

The heart and soul of the luxury business is the understanding that luxury is inexpressible, because it is aesthetic based….captivating all of our senses. That is why a simulant or synthetic gemstone doesn’t make it. No matter how beautifully it is described and no matter how good it looks at first glance or on TV, a fake has nothing to do with luxury. The reason is simple: Natural gemstones captivate us emotionally, physically and mentally. If we know we are wearing a fake or if we see our faux gemstone next to the real thing…we will feel differently. In other words, the luxury experience will also be simulated and fall short.

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Can You Really See the Difference?

If you love Diamonds, I bet you have heard more than once that “You can see the difference”! The reality is that most people (including many diamond jewelry sellers) can NOT see the difference between most diamonds. Watching people buy & sell diamonds is for me sometimes like a store performance of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. People are also bombarded with grades of diamonds represented by letters, numbers and various “certificates”. You’ve seen them (VVS1, VS2, SI1, F, G, H, triple 0’s, etc.) By the way, did you know that if you read the back of 99.9% of certificates from the most prestigious gemstone labs in the country, they clearly say (in very tiny print), that the certificates are NOT guaranteed? Diamond Certs are just written and signed grading opinions; you should know that the range of differences-of-opinions is wide! After 25 years in the Diamond & Jewelry industry, I want you to know that you need to learn how to trust your own eyes …and stop feeling like you have to agree when someone important says that you can see something that you can NOT! Remember, the 4C’s are just guidelines and someone’s opinion. Two Diamonds with the exact same grades will look different…& not just because every diamond is different. Some diamonds have a Sparkly Personality that dances with the light and some do not…. no matter how great the Diamond grade on a certificate! Now for some Diamond Sparkle that everyone will see easily! There is a new cutting method (NOT a Diamond treatment or an enhancement – which I hate as much as synthetics and simulants!) and it uses nano-technology to create really tiny facets on a diamond. The tiny facets are microscopic prisms….which increase the FIRE of a Diamond. When a diamond moves or the person looking at a Diamond moves, the flashes of COLOR is called FIRE. Fire is technically referred to as Dispersion, while Brilliance refers to the return of WHITE light. All diamonds have brilliance (return of white light) and some Fire (flashes of color)…but never before could anyone improve a Diamond’s Sparkle…or Fire with a natural cutting method! Ask to see a Fire Polish Diamond & YOU WILL DEFINITELY SEE THE DIFFERENCE. The bigger the better ; )

Natural Diamond WITH Fire Polish nano-facets

Natural Diamond WITHOUT Fire Polish Nano-Facets


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Genuine versus Natural

By now, you all know that I believe every woman deserves REAL Quality Jewelry …No Imitations, No Simulations & No Synthetics! Most importantly, we all deserve to know what we are buying! The challenge is to look beyond any Marketing Spin…which I call “Marketing SPAM”. If you are a Jeweler who hides some facts and has not yet stopped the spam, learn from brands in other industries. For example: The Four Seasons website integrates customers’ comments (all the negative criticism, as well as the positive reviews; & BTW I had a great stay in Vegas during Jewelry Week.) My favorite example this week is Miracle Whip: their campaign boasts about “not being for everyone” …. It does not pretend to be real mayonnaise, LOL. So, back to the jewelry industry: All of my girlfriends out there who love jewelry and are contemplating their next purchase, you need to look at the information carefully, while you listen to your jewelry sellers… and most importantly, ASK QUESTIONS! If a seller says a gemstone is GENUINE, he does NOT necessarily mean it is Natural and Untreated. For example: lots of jewelry sellers are offering Blue Diamonds at bargain prices…without telling the whole story. Natural Color Diamonds are even rarer than Colorless Diamonds. Natural Blue Diamonds are extremely rare and can be priced in the millions of dollars. Genuine Blue Diamonds set in Jewelry offered at Bargain Prices…are likely BROWN DIAMONDS or faint yellow Diamonds that were first Irradiated and then given a high heat treatment,which turns the browns/yellows into colored diamonds, including: greens, vivid yellows, blues, purples and reds! This created color is usually permanent, but could possibly change during Repairs or Re-settings that require high heat. Is there something wrong about buying treated gemstones? Not necessarily, but you should know what you are buying! For example: one of my friends is a manufacturer and seller of beautiful affordable Blue Zircon gemstone jewelry. Blue Zircon is a real gemstone (not to be confused with Cubic Zirconia; Zirconia is Synthetic & Fake). ALL Blue Zircon gemstones are heat-treated, yet the lively light blue color and refraction can be appealing. Now, if you are an investor or among our elite affluent who can own a Natural Blue Diamond…then go for it; a Blue Diamond is on top of my list for you…right after a Natural Pink Diamond 😉 As for the rest of us, let’s buy, wear or sell beautiful, rare, gemstones, but nothing fake or simulated; if you have an urge to get close to a natural blue diamond … go visit the HOPE DIAMOND, the most famous Natural Blue!  

Sotheby’s Hong Kong – 10-5-2011; 6.01 carat vivid blue & pink diamond ring; Sold for $10.1 million ($1.68 million per carat)

Hope Diamond – 42.52 Carats; Most visited object in the world; Smithsonian’s Geology, Gems & Minerals Exhibit (Harry Winston Gallery)

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