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How to Mix Metals

mixing2 The more I seek the right way to style and accessorize for each emerging season, the more I am convinced there are no rules (other than taste). For example, for years we were repeatedly  told to never mix metals – particularly silver and gold. While tri-color gold was all the rage for a very brief bit, silver and gold together—never! Well, take a breath, because both street style and red-carpet stylists have cast the “do not mix metal rule” aside. Layering bracelets in silver and gold is as common as wearing a gold ring next to a platinum ring. There is also lots of designing and experimenting with fine jewels set in all types of alternative materials. This does not mean that anything goes….at least not if you are a fashionista with taste! “Why”…you ask… as street style is now as important as the style of designers? Well, the key word is “taste”.  The saying “there is no accounting for taste” is wrong! Our tastes and sense of style are the direct result of the diversity of our experiences and the depth of our exposure ….to great design, architecture and the arts, as well as fashion.   I also like to believe that every rule was created for a reason.  In other words, I think fashion rules emerged (from the savy with “taste”)  to save the masses from unattractive, garish ensembles.  So, it’s a healthy generalization, but I believe that a few fashion guidelines (if not rules) can protect the less than fashion-savvy…

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Jewelry Online Shopping

This post is about Jewelry ONLINE Shopping, but I can’t even begin without acknowledging that I love the experience of shopping in a Fine Jewelry Store! Only in a store can you try-on and feel the jewels touch our skin while shopping.  Part of the alluring experience is also hearing interesting facts or stories about the jewelry from someone knowledgeable or “in the know”.  Whether I speak to the curator who carefully chose the items or I listen to a jewelry professional who knows how to tell a story that is worthy of fine jewels….visiting fine jewelers is just fun! I have to admit, however, that I also love Jewelry Online Shopping!  I enjoy shopping from my bedroom, at a spa (while I am impatiently waiting for my masseuse), while I am preparing dinner (and waiting for something to finish cooking) or relaxing next to my pool…even on my mobile while I am waiting in some unbearable line for something! I know, I know…I am not a patient person and I am not capable of idle “waiting time” for anything! Maybe I should learn to meditate?

Jewelry Online ….the Allure

I have to admit, however, that I also love Jewelry Online Shopping, because…..I like shopping from my bedroom.  I also like shopping when I’m at a spa (while I am impatiently waiting for my masseuse), while I am preparing dinner (and waiting for something to finish cooking) or relaxing next to my pool…even on my mobile while I am waiting in some unbearable line for something! I know, I know…I am not a patient person and I am not capable of idle “waiting time” for anything! Maybe I should learn to meditate?

Notable Online Shopping Spots

More and more people are feeling increasingly comfortable doing the same thing….jewelry online shopping.  Men and women in every socio-economic group, even the most affluent consumers, are buying jewelry from online retailers. The online destinations range from

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Return of the Pinky Ring

It seems as if no stylish woman could be found wearing a ring on her pinky finger for years and years! I’m not sure what caused the changing trend, but I do know that for decades and decades, the pinky ring continued to symbolize power and status. Prince of Wales ring …Royalty and Aristocrats wore signets as pinky rings for centuries …Grifters and organized crime characters  have long been associated with pinky rings on and off the screen  

 Pinky Rings -not just for men & grifters

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How to Travel with Jewelry

Maybe you are all set for the last weekend of the summer?  If your Labor Day plans include travel, DO plan on enjoying and wearing  fine jewelry. Of course, you DO want to take fine jewelry pieces with you!  After all, we are not talking about just “accessories”.  Our fine jewelry is part of our life’s stores (refer to immediate past blog post).  Knowing how to travel with jewelry, however, is as critical as choosing the right hotel or travel partner!    So, as easy at 1, 2, 3… you can travel safely with your jewels or loose a part of your personal story—Forever! travel    

#1  Curate Carefully

You’ll have to make some decisions. There is always some percentage of risk when we take our fine jewelry on the road or in the air….or anywhere BTW!  It is up to you to decide what must stay locked away at home and what is appropriate for your travels.  I am not like some women who travel with costume jewelry and leave the real things at home. I don’t even own any costume, fake, phony or faux jewelry!  But, I choose carefully what I take on the road for any business trip or vacation. After all, they are valuable assets! Safety considerations aside…

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Pearl Earrings

Jewelry Holds Our Life Stories

Pearl Earrings Just as every diamond is unique, we all have our own unique set of stories.   The jewelry we own and wear, collect our life stories in a way I find to be completely alluring. I can look at any ring or bracelet that I own and tell you the “where” and “when” (i.e. of buying it or receiving it as a gift), and also “what” was going on in my life at the time. I even can remember what was going on in the world at large. Of course, the memories don’t stop from the first day you wear a piece. Jewelry collects special memories as we live “with” them and “in” them for special events, romantic whirlwinds, holidays, those life-changing unforgettable moments and even for the times we’d rather forget in the form of extraordinary pick-me-ups.  (Sidebar: Yes, it is true, when life brings annoyances or disappointments, I always feel better if I put on a piece of jewelry; it helps me move forward.) blog pic aug

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So, the sheer beauty and attraction of fine jewelry goes much deeper than the beauty that sparkles and shines on the surface. We live with our jewelry wardrobe and each piece lives with us. You can almost say they grow with us. A newly purchased diamond is undeniably special, but how much more valuable is it after you’re able to speak about the experiences and tales you’ve created together?  Our jewelry holds our life stories in such a nostalgic and magical way!


Pearl Earrings These are the earrings I wore the night I was proposed to… I wore my favorite bracelet to the San Francisco Symphony on New Year’s Eve… and I wear my favorite diamond  jewelry for every one of my birthday celebrations…

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Jewels in Vegas & Cannes

adriana-lima-chopard-backstage-party-2014-cannes-film-festival_1 While I was on my way to Las Vegas to deliver the JCK Luxury Keynote that kicked-off the year’s largest gathering of jewels and jewelry professionals….I could not ignore the Cannes Film Festival.
 SIDEBAR: there were again thousands of exhibits in Vegas by the world’s most prestigious jewelry brands and jewelry manufacturer, all for the exclusive consideration of jewelers…. some of which are prestigious brands themselves. Keep your eyes on your local jewelers and you will  see their selections, which are all scheduled to arrive in time for the 2014 Holiday Shopping Season!
So, on May 27th, as I was delivering the keynote to a surprisingly attentive breakfast crowd, the Annual Cannes Film Festival had a jewelry collection on display that is worth noting.  It was the Swiss jewelry and watchmaker, Chopard, who celebrated this year’s 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival with a release of the jewelry collection. 67 fine jewelry pieces of limited edition were created in honor of this year’s event. If you see the pieces and fall in love, I advise swift action. Each piece in Chopard’s Red Carpet Collection happens to be a one of a kind.

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Diamond Right Hand Rings

What ring do you wear on your right hand?  While we reserve our left hand for diamonds symbolizing loving unions to last a life time…don’t forget about your right hand! Even though diamonds are a girl’s best friend, may women never consider making serious diamond ring purchases for themselves. Diamond Right Hand Rings can change that….they are about you! RHRcrop

All About YOU!

Diamond Right Hand Rings are all about the power and irreplaceable feeling of buying your own. They’re a symbol of your personality, personal tastes and success. Your right hand diamond ring is a symbol of your strength and independence – there are no rules. Choose only what you like and wear it when the mood strikes or wear it every day. In fact, why not purchase more than one? This is the time to have fun and be daring with your jewelry shopping. Feel free to go ahead and experiment with trends for your right hand ring. Living in these modern times means we don’t have to wait for engagement to sport incredible diamond jewelry. Diamond rings are fabulous, beautiful and timeless. Somehow they instantly transform us at any age. You’ll walk with a greater air of confidence, elegance and style and it will be just as stunning to wear decades from now. Unlike other stylish purchases, it’s difficult to make a wrong move if you purchase a quality diamond ring. It’s a lifelong investment that will always be relevant and valuable in a financial sense as well as in terms of beauty. What an enjoyable way to empower ourselves!
Affordable Diamond Right Hand Rings available at
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Right Hand Rings in the COLORS OF DIAMONDS available at
049ct-champagne-and-white-diamond-buckle-ring-d-20140425120301167~333639 2ct-colored-diamond-sterling-silver-woven-ring-d-20140416124640353~335284_JY1

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Radiant Orchid

Radiant Orchid or Radiant You

You may love the color purple, which means you are probably excited about the Pantone Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid…since it has been described as a  “captivating purple”.  Me, not so much!  My writing focus is usually about supporting a RADIANT YOU;  and always about jewelry and often about color. Maybe you agree that an accessory with some color seems to keep our energy up and a smile on our face. The executive director of the Pantone Color Institute describes Radiant Orchid as “An enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones; [it] inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health”.  So, while I am not shopping for a Radiant Orchid dress or suit, I think “something”” in Radiant Orchid would be the perfect accessory for Spring and Summer 2014!

Jewelry is the Ultimate Accessory

Jewelry is the ultimate accessory and fine jewelry lasts forever …so, here is a great image that shows all of the Gemstones with Radiant Orchid sensibilities for you to choose for your next jewelry item accessory. Radiant Orchid

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Diamond Heart JA

Diamonds as Gifts or Self-Purchase?

Just as every woman owns/wants at least one little black dress  or several black dresses (e.g. mine are in several sizes), every woman deserves, wants or owns a Diamond.  Actually, it is a Diamond Wardrobe that we all want and need. Unfortunately, most women think they need to receive their first Diamond  or all Diamonds as Gifts, not via Self-Purchase.  Sidebar: a Diamond received as a Gift of Love, still takes my breath away!  BUT…a woman’s Diamond Journey should not be dependent on the tradition of a Diamond Engagement Ring.  A Diamond can be treasured as a Gift or Self-Purchase… both are possible and they are not mutually exclusive.

Diamond Heart JA Why Not from Mom or Dad…

When I supported the DeBeers Group for ten years, I had access to valuable consumer research…showing the motivations and buying habits of consumers.  Oh, was it disturbing and sad to see that only 20% of women were comfortable buying diamond jewelry for themselves!  Well, the JOY OF WEARING a Diamond need not depend on a man.  Sidebar#2:  remember, a Diamond received as a Gift of Love is still desirable and a magical Diamond Moment!  Why doesn’t a woman’s Diamond Journey  begin, however,  when she receives her first diamond from her Mom or Dad? Why not from an her aunt or uncle?   A woman can also start her Diamond Journey!

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Gemstones, Technology …Beauty, Sparkle & Color

Just as technology and scientific advances have changed every aspect of our daily lives, it has also altered what type of  jewelry and gemstones are  available to us.   Fine jewelry enhances how we look and feel and it all begins with the allure of gemstones.  While rarity is a component of the pricing of gemstones, the allure or love of gemstones is primarily about their Beauty, Sparkle and Color …created by Mother Nature. Technology, however, is altering the supply and color of gemstones, in addition to maybe altering our definition of a “Gemstone”.

Gemstones & Beauty

Gemstones/rocks too soft to be cut or faceted into gemstones (in the not so distant past) are now heavily marketed and popular with many women.  For example: Precious Gemstones (i.e. Diamonds, Sapphires & Rubies) are still treasured, but the category of  Semi-Precious gemstones has expanded to include stones like “Drusy” (a type of quartz that to me,  sounds like one of Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs) and “Chrome Diopside” (Doesn’t that sound like a dangerous chemical?).  So, there are many beautiful gemstones, not as durable and not as sparkling as a Diamond, for example,…but it terms of beauty, well beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. 

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