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Jewelry Night Out Across the Country

I  am very proud to be on the national board of  Womens’ Jewelry Association. This 30-year-old trade group was formed to help women break through glass ceilings, achieve their personal and professional goals, and create a strong network of friends and supporters to keep the company along the way. Last week we had a terrific event called Jewelry Night Out – 14 parties across the country all celebrating the friendship, professional development, and fun that comes with being a part of this group. I attended the event in Miami, but here are photos from parties in New York, Seattle, Minneapolis, Denver, and other places across the country! If you are a member of any part of the wonderful world of jewelry, see if there’s a WJA chapter near you at You shouldn’t let us have this much fun without you!

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America’s First Jeweler

Independent Jewelers are best choice for consumers

Black, Starr & Frost is America’s first  jeweler and I do mean first, as in founded in 1810 and still in business today.  If the name sounds familiar to you, maybe it’s because you remember Marilyn Monroe naming them in the song “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” in the 1953 blockbuster film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.  Or perhaps you’ve visited the Newport Beach store that includes a waterfront patio, a fireplace, a bar and beautiful chandelliers to light your way.  Perhaps you heard mention of the countless celebrities who have purchased their most important jewelry pieces from Black, Starr & Frost or read of the premiums paid at auction for Black Starr & Frost items.

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QUALITY is FOREVER . . . Is your Style?

Antique Art Deco Ring - Walton's Antique & Estate Jewelry

Always purchase quality and you will have it forever, for your next celebration, for next year or for your next generation, because we all deserve to celebrate our life with Real Quality NOT Imitations!
Sometimes, though….we look in our jewelry box and see fashion-styled forever pieces that no longer get us excited, because our style has taken a turn. I myself swing between classic, contemporary and what I call “in-my-moment” style; but NEVER will I build my style with anything not genuine or fake! So, what can we do with our quality treasures …until the style recycles back into vogue with us or the runway? Quality lets us restyle and transform our investments, so we can enjoy them today, tomorrow and forever! Designer Erica Courtney says: “Repurpose, Relove!” . . . her designer collections often catch my eye, but she also has a “REPURPOSE, RELOVE” program that encourages her customers to bring in their old jewelry treasures to be recreated, combined and transformed into new exciting jewelry items. I Love you Erica Courtney!

So, if you yearn for some new Sparkle in your life, while you have quality lingering and neglected in your jewelry box…use those pieces to create something new and you will love and enjoy your quality jewelry all over again!

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