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Can You Really See the Difference?

If you love Diamonds, I bet you have heard more than once that “You can see the difference”! The reality is that most people (including many diamond jewelry sellers) can NOT see the difference between most diamonds. Watching people buy & sell diamonds is for me sometimes like a store performance of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. People are also bombarded with grades of diamonds represented by letters, numbers and various “certificates”. You’ve seen them (VVS1, VS2, SI1, F, G, H, triple 0’s, etc.) By the way, did you know that if you read the back of 99.9% of certificates from the most prestigious gemstone labs in the country, they clearly say (in very tiny print), that the certificates are NOT guaranteed? Diamond Certs are just written and signed grading opinions; you should know that the range of differences-of-opinions is wide! After 25 years in the Diamond & Jewelry industry, I want you to know that you need to learn how to trust your own eyes …and stop feeling like you have to agree when someone important says that you can see something that you can NOT! Remember, the 4C’s are just guidelines and someone’s opinion. Two Diamonds with the exact same grades will look different…& not just because every diamond is different. Some diamonds have a Sparkly Personality that dances with the light and some do not…. no matter how great the Diamond grade on a certificate! Now for some Diamond Sparkle that everyone will see easily! There is a new cutting method (NOT a Diamond treatment or an enhancement – which I hate as much as synthetics and simulants!) and it uses nano-technology to create really tiny facets on a diamond. The tiny facets are microscopic prisms….which increase the FIRE of a Diamond. When a diamond moves or the person looking at a Diamond moves, the flashes of COLOR is called FIRE. Fire is technically referred to as Dispersion, while Brilliance refers to the return of WHITE light. All diamonds have brilliance (return of white light) and some Fire (flashes of color)…but never before could anyone improve a Diamond’s Sparkle…or Fire with a natural cutting method! Ask to see a Fire Polish Diamond & YOU WILL DEFINITELY SEE THE DIFFERENCE. The bigger the better ; )

Natural Diamond WITH Fire Polish nano-facets

Natural Diamond WITHOUT Fire Polish Nano-Facets


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