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Flawless Diamond Sets Record Price Per Carat

When it Comes to Price Per Carat – This Diamond Sets New Records!

While we were paying attention to the New York auction, another diamond set a record-breaking $239,352 price per carat at auction this week in Hong Kong! This round brilliant diamond was originally expected to sell for as much as $5.8 million, but at auction it reached $6.9 million, topping all expectations. Why do diamonds sell for so much in the auction houses? Because diamonds remain one of the world’s most precious products, they have artistic, romantic and financial value, and at these ever-increasing price per carat ranges, you can see they are a terrific investment as well!

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Sotheby’s April Auction of Magnificent Jewels – a 74.79 carat Pear-shaped Diamond!

In most cases, if one wants to see the world’s most magnificent diamonds at auction, one has to travel to Europe or Asia to attend (as I did in October ’12 when I traveled to Geneva for the Archduke Joseph Diamond auction But on April 17th, Sotheby’s will offer the most important white diamond ever to appear at auction in the Americas. This 74.79 carat pear-shaped diamond – one of very few pear-shaped diamonds over 70 carats – is a beautiful D color.  Sotheby’s is predicting a sale of $9 – $12 million!
74.79 carat pear-shaped diamond How big is a 75 carat diamond? Imagine holding a large egg in your hand. Then imagine being the Diamond Polisher or Master Diamond Cutter who is responsible for removing layer after layer of the rough stone to create a beautifully faceted pear! I’m just grateful that the world is full of such beautiful things. I’ll keep you posted on what happens in New York!

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