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Diamond Heart JA

Diamonds as Gifts or Self-Purchase?

Just as every woman owns/wants at least one little black dress  or several black dresses (e.g. mine are in several sizes), every woman deserves, wants or owns a Diamond.  Actually, it is a Diamond Wardrobe that we all want and need. Unfortunately, most women think they need to receive their first Diamond  or all Diamonds as Gifts, not via Self-Purchase.  Sidebar: a Diamond received as a Gift of Love, still takes my breath away!  BUT…a woman’s Diamond Journey should not be dependent on the tradition of a Diamond Engagement Ring.  A Diamond can be treasured as a Gift or Self-Purchase… both are possible and they are not mutually exclusive.

Diamond Heart JA Why Not from Mom or Dad…

When I supported the DeBeers Group for ten years, I had access to valuable consumer research…showing the motivations and buying habits of consumers.  Oh, was it disturbing and sad to see that only 20% of women were comfortable buying diamond jewelry for themselves!  Well, the JOY OF WEARING a Diamond need not depend on a man.  Sidebar#2:  remember, a Diamond received as a Gift of Love is still desirable and a magical Diamond Moment!  Why doesn’t a woman’s Diamond Journey  begin, however,  when she receives her first diamond from her Mom or Dad? Why not from an her aunt or uncle?   A woman can also start her Diamond Journey!

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Gemstones, Technology …Beauty, Sparkle & Color

Just as technology and scientific advances have changed every aspect of our daily lives, it has also altered what type of  jewelry and gemstones are  available to us.   Fine jewelry enhances how we look and feel and it all begins with the allure of gemstones.  While rarity is a component of the pricing of gemstones, the allure or love of gemstones is primarily about their Beauty, Sparkle and Color …created by Mother Nature. Technology, however, is altering the supply and color of gemstones, in addition to maybe altering our definition of a “Gemstone”.

Gemstones & Beauty

Gemstones/rocks too soft to be cut or faceted into gemstones (in the not so distant past) are now heavily marketed and popular with many women.  For example: Precious Gemstones (i.e. Diamonds, Sapphires & Rubies) are still treasured, but the category of  Semi-Precious gemstones has expanded to include stones like “Drusy” (a type of quartz that to me,  sounds like one of Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs) and “Chrome Diopside” (Doesn’t that sound like a dangerous chemical?).  So, there are many beautiful gemstones, not as durable and not as sparkling as a Diamond, for example,…but it terms of beauty, well beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. 

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jck-tucson-logo (2) Each year I am  excited to go to TUCSON in February! Dozens of GEM SHOWS and  hundreds and hundreds of exhibits where thousands of jewelry lovers, rock hounds and industry friends come together here….unlike any other jewelry event in the world.


This year is even more exciting. I will be the Opening Keynote Speaker at JCK Tucson on Monday, February 3, 2014  bright and early at 8:15 am …just in time for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at 9:15 am.   If you are in the industry, I hope you join me and  here’s a link for you to register 

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More is Merrier Rule #3

2010 11 30_1231[2] This is last (I think) of my 2013 Holiday Message Series “More Is Merrier” ..with my Rule #3 for giving gifts of meaning and lasting value.

#3 Rings Rule

Just Rings The category of RINGS continues to be favored over all other jewelry categories in the US.  That’s right all categories,  including  earrings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets are purchased less…because, Rings Rule.   It doesn’t matter where women live, or how much money women have, or how women express their personal styles, women everywhere love rings! Women may love or desire a necklace or two, but we all seem to know that we can’t possibly have too many rings.  So, you can’t go wrong with a gift of a ring…especially a Diamond Ring.  While a Solitaire Diamond Ring remains the ultimate symbol of love

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christmas_tree_sparkling (2)

More is Merrier Rule #2

Here is my Rule #2,  which is the second post in the series of my 2013 holiday message: More is Merrier…. offering fail-safe rules for choosing, purchasing and giving  gifts with meaning and lasing value.

#2 Gold Reigns

IMG_8972 qBcrop White metals and quality fine jewelry are long time partners,  and I am not likely to stop wearing my platinum, white gold or sterling silver jewelry EVER!  Although, after seeing Gold Jewelry (yellow gold, that is) pop-up this year on select runways, fashion news-spots and industry hot-spots,  I was motivated to revisit  it.  I don’t know why I stopped wearing Gold (you know I will be talking about yellow gold now, right?); nor do I know why I traded-in (or cashed-in) my Gold jewelry that I owned for decades. Oh wait, I remember; the Gold market was crazy and after months of hesitation, I finally could not resist getting more $ than I originally spent for my Gold jewelry items…that I wasn’t wearing for years.  My journey to  re-explore Gold

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More is Merrier

AAA image ‘Tis the season for giving gifts of meaning and lasting value, because we don’t need any more meaningless things to clutter our life. So, do we need more jewelry?  Well, quality fine jewelry not only communicates the strongest emotions, it retains or increases in value….so more is merrier! First, of course, every woman needs a basic jewelry wardrobe, which has the graceful versatility to go from morning errands to important meetings and elegant evenings.  BTW: for those of you who need some help with your holiday shopping list, I identify the key jewelry items for a basic jewelry wardrobe…

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Happy Thanksgiving


turky wht This is the month for my favorite holiday of the year! While it is true that my first (holiday) love is Christmas, Thanksgiving is my favorite. Both my son (Ricky) and my husband were born on Christmas Day…. so, understandably,  that holiday has been (for me) a month-long celebration of love–for years!   As I mature (still in the process, btw)

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In Case You Missed Emmy’s

Padma-Lakshmi- Just a little Sparkle

In case you missed the  Emmy’s last night, the news is spreading that the memorial tributes (I think there were 6 highlights in addition to their usual slide show) prompted headlines:”Saddest Emmy’s Ever”.  Oh, there were some laughs as Tina Fey never disappoints, Michael Douglas was surprisingly funny and the upbeat Host Harris tried his best… but, it definitely needed more Sparkle!

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National Jeweler - 7-30-13

National Jeweler & a peek behind the retail curtain

NATIONAL JEWELER is the fine jewelry trade’s premier source for breaking news and market analysis for retailers.  They recently published an article I wrote for Independent Jewelry Retailers….suggesting some key lessons they can learn from my experiences serving as an Educationalist and Guest Host on HSN. Click on the link below and you will be able to peak behind the retail curtain ….to see some of the advice I share with sellers of fine jewelry 😉  

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