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Sustainable Jewelry – What Should You Look For?

Sustainable Jewelry – Buzzword or The Real Deal?

Green Bracelet2 We’re all concerned with creating a cleaner world with a brighter future, and that starts with each one of us. For those of us who love (love love) jewelry, this may be a concern a of yours. The making of jewelry starts with mining minerals and metals from the earth, can involve harsh chemicals during the manufacturing process, and might take\ place in the poorest countries with the worst worker safeguards.  So what is a jewelry loving person like me (&  you!) to do? Thankfully, we have many options today that didn’t exist even ten years ago.

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Jewelry Night Out Across the Country

I  am very proud to be on the national board of  Womens’ Jewelry Association. This 30-year-old trade group was formed to help women break through glass ceilings, achieve their personal and professional goals, and create a strong network of friends and supporters to keep the company along the way. Last week we had a terrific event called Jewelry Night Out – 14 parties across the country all celebrating the friendship, professional development, and fun that comes with being a part of this group. I attended the event in Miami, but here are photos from parties in New York, Seattle, Minneapolis, Denver, and other places across the country! If you are a member of any part of the wonderful world of jewelry, see if there’s a WJA chapter near you at You shouldn’t let us have this much fun without you!

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NYC Jewelry Shows Here I Come

So excited that NYC will be filled with my industry friends this coming week during  3 Jewelry Shows!  Visions of a big apple will be replaced with big diamonds ….and I can’t wait to scout for hot new designs and catch-up with industry insiders!  There will be lots of parties and after-parties, too; after all it is NYC!

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Las Vegas Jewelry Week Starts . . . Now!

You already know about New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, and Milan Fashion Week, but do you know about Las Vegas Jewelry Week? Every year, during the week after Memorial Day, the jewelry industry converges on Las Vegas for the biggest jewelry event in North America – and one of the three biggest jewelry shows in the world. I’m packing my bags and finalizing my calendar for what will be a whirlwind of visiting jewelry designers, analyzing new trends and styles, and spending time catching up on all the latest news in the diamond industry!

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After 8 exciting days Baselworld – the World Watch and Jewelry show in Basel, Switzerland – has come to a close. Each year, Basel is the place to be if you want to discover what’s hot in fine jewelry for the rest of the year.  How big is the show? Over 34 acres of jewelry exhibited in luxury booths hosted by over 1,400 jewelry companies from 40 countries.  This year more than 122,000 visitors and 3,600 journalists were in attendance.

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Spring Swing

Spring Swing – Get Your Fine Jewelry Out of that Stuffy Box and Into the Spring Air!

Nothing says spring quite as brightly or as optimistically as colorful jewelry. Big pops of color can dress up a sundress or go straight to an evening function. And why not? If you’re like me, each of your jewelry pieces has a special story – of the day you bought it, the first event you wore it to, or the person who gave it to you. Spring is the perfect time to take a fresh look at your treasures….so you can start the next beautiful spring morning with the additional promise of selecting some of your favorite color gems to wear?

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Flawless Diamond Sets Record Price Per Carat

When it Comes to Price Per Carat – This Diamond Sets New Records!

While we were paying attention to the New York auction, another diamond set a record-breaking $239,352 price per carat at auction this week in Hong Kong! This round brilliant diamond was originally expected to sell for as much as $5.8 million, but at auction it reached $6.9 million, topping all expectations. Why do diamonds sell for so much in the auction houses? Because diamonds remain one of the world’s most precious products, they have artistic, romantic and financial value, and at these ever-increasing price per carat ranges, you can see they are a terrific investment as well!

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The Ultimate “Do”

Some women love to play & experiment with their hair color; I love to play (and work) with jewelry in my hair! Hubert de Givenchy once said: Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself. So, omg, don’t forget to bejewel your hair! Bejeweled hair is the ultimate “do.”

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Sotheby’s April Auction of Magnificent Jewels – a 74.79 carat Pear-shaped Diamond!

In most cases, if one wants to see the world’s most magnificent diamonds at auction, one has to travel to Europe or Asia to attend (as I did in October ’12 when I traveled to Geneva for the Archduke Joseph Diamond auction But on April 17th, Sotheby’s will offer the most important white diamond ever to appear at auction in the Americas. This 74.79 carat pear-shaped diamond – one of very few pear-shaped diamonds over 70 carats – is a beautiful D color.  Sotheby’s is predicting a sale of $9 – $12 million!
74.79 carat pear-shaped diamond How big is a 75 carat diamond? Imagine holding a large egg in your hand. Then imagine being the Diamond Polisher or Master Diamond Cutter who is responsible for removing layer after layer of the rough stone to create a beautifully faceted pear! I’m just grateful that the world is full of such beautiful things. I’ll keep you posted on what happens in New York!

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Love Out Loud

A More Confident You = a More Loving You

A More Confident You - Jewelry Activist Every Valentine’s Day, we are reminded to think of those we love. It is also the time that many people experience despair…as they think about their desire to be loved more. We hear it said by experts all the time: we will be loved more if we learn to love more. However, learning to love more is not top of mind for most of us and it is certainly not a quick fix for those in despair; it is a lifelong journey. There are, however, many people, places or things that can provide inspiration and can help us on our journey. When I give thought as to how I can love more, I visualize the ultimate symbol of love- a Diamond. Every woman who receives a Diamond as a gift of love treasures that Diamond Moment for her lifetime. The Diamond says what every woman wants to hear and what many men cannot articulate with words. Yet women also treasure the intrinsic qualities and beauty of the actual Diamond as much as the meaning that the Diamond holds. For this reason, woman today often purchase Diamonds themselves, because wearing diamond jewelry makes women feel more beautiful, more confident and lovable. With that in mind, it is understandable that every woman wants a diamond that is brilliant and sparkles for all to see. Yet a diamond has to go through many phases to reach that point in its outward beauty. We know that most diamonds have inclusions, flaws and rough edges that require polishing. Master diamond cutters do not see these natural diamond characteristics as defects, but rather areas for attention or improvement. Centuries ago, the prolific English writer Daniel Defoe of Robinson Crusoe fame wrote: “The soul is placed in the body like a rough diamond and must be polished … or the luster of it will never appear.” When women purchase and wear diamond jewelry, the feeling reminds us that we are lovable, we are beautiful and most importantly, we are on a wonderful journey. Isn’t it easier to love others when we are at peace and confident with ourselves? Love (like a Diamond) is both reflective and refractive. But in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, which is only days away, I suggest we do more than quietly reflect love onto others. I suggest we LOVE OUT LOUD! This means we should love visibly and openly. Send out your love from a more confident you! This means we should demonstrate our love for humanity as loud and as openly as possible. That love will not go unnoticed and will continue to reflect and refract onto others ..and then from others to more. Also, if we wear Diamonds, we are not only telling the world that we are loved, we are reminding ourselves of our own beauty and internal love…and we will be confident and motivated to focus on loving others. There are so many ways you can enjoy Diamond Jewelry in your life! Diamonds can express every personality and occasion perfectly. Look at all these different options for finely made, high quality, diamond jewelry!  

For Spectacular Diamond Earrings it's Hard to Beat these Sunflower Earrings from Harry Winston.

Anne Sportun Ruby and Diamond Earrings

These Beautify Ruby and Diamond Earrings from Anne Sportun Put a Contemporary Twist on a Classic Look.

Sandra Muller Love Potions Heart

The "Love Potions" Heart Collection from Sandra Muller is both Playful and Elegant.

Samantha Louise Jewelry The Perfect Girlfriend or Daughter Gift

These Sweet Diamond Stackers from Samantha Louise Jewelery are a Perfect Gift for a Daughter, a Sister, or a Beloved Girlfriend!

OmiGems Diamond and Ruby Earrings

These Spectacular Diamond and Ruby Earrings from Omi Prive Represent the Best in Fine Diamond and Colored Gemstone Jewelry.

Elizabeth Garvin Fine for a less traditional look

This Natural Colored Diamond Pendant from Elizabeth Garvin Fine is the Perfect Statement for the Confident Woman in Your Life!

Walt Adler

Walt Adler Weaves Diamonds Through His Designs for a Bolder Look

Jennifer Dawes

Jennifer Dawes Offers Diamond Designs for a More Organic Look. There is Truly a Diamond for Every Woman!

Ippolita bracelet turquoise silver diamonds

Can't You See this Diamond and Turquoise Bracelet from Ippolita on Your Mom?

Greenwich Jewelers Valentine's Proposal

Greenwich Jewelers is Featuring this Rosy Little Statement as a Valentine's Engagement Ring.

For the more earthy girl - Barbara Michelle Jacobs

This Diamond Ring from Barbara Michelle Jacobs' Botanicals Collection is Perfect for the Gardening, Hiking, Never-comes-indoors Woman in Your Life!

Tiffany Solitaire Pendant

A Diamond Solitaire is an Essential Part of your Wardrobe. This Pendant from Tiffany is Simply Perfect.


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