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Independent Jewelers are best choice for consumers

Black, Starr & Frost is America’s first  jeweler and I do mean first, as in founded in 1810 and still in business today.  If the name sounds familiar to you, maybe it’s because you remember Marilyn Monroe naming them in the song “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” in the 1953 blockbuster film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.  Or perhaps you’ve visited the Newport Beach store that includes a waterfront patio, a fireplace, a bar and beautiful chandelliers to light your way.  Perhaps you heard mention of the countless celebrities who have purchased their most important jewelry pieces from Black, Starr & Frost or read of the premiums paid at auction for Black Starr & Frost items. This magnificent institution, with its rich history, currently has a store in Newport Beach and a salon in New York City. Renowned for quality, flawless craftsmanship and bespoke design, Black Starr & Frost also continues its tradition of providing rare and magnificent gems.  Two of the most important diamonds in history – the 127.01-carat Portuguese Diamond and most recently the Archduke Joseph diamond – have been owned by Black, Starr & Frost. One of the exciting things about a jeweler that is over 200 years old is their collection of designs through the centuries. A visit to the historical design section of their website is an exciting overview of the tastes and art styles of each era, and they continue that tradition to day with a stunning collection of jewelry that is both highly fashionable and heirloom quality. ( ) Why did I think it was important to bring you a glimpse into the world of Black, Starr & Frost? Because Black Starr & Frost represents the best and the oldest of the independent jeweler world – a community filled with  jewelry designers, jewelers, gemologists, and retailers who are inflamed with a passion to bring their customers the best . . . the best jewelry, the best gemstones, the best advice, and the  best knowledge available about the world of quality jewelry. When you shop at your local independent jeweler, you not only enter a world of  quality and typically highly unique jewelry of the most impeccable quality; you also gain access to the story and philosophy of the family (perhaps many generations of family) who owns it.  Black, Starr & Frost may be the celebrity choice, may  be the first, and the allure of their jewelry may be enhanced by the allure of the owner’s (Alfredo Molina’s) amazing and compelling story,  but they are ultimately simply one of our finest examples of independent jewelry stores.  ‘Tis the season for creating memories, so if  you have the opportunity to visit Black Starr & Frost, do so …the experience will be priceless and you don’t even have to be a celebrity to be treated like one.   If you can not visit Black Starr & Frost, visit your local independent jewelry today and see what they have to offer.  Independent jewelers are the best choice for you to find passionate expertise, natural gemstones and unique jewelry items worthy of the memories you will create this holiday.

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